Load DynamiX has announced that it closed 2015 with record revenues as it continued to successfully entered enterprise IT organizations and expand from selling exclusively to the storage engineering and architecture departments to storage production departments. Revenues from IT organizations increased more than 100% as the company enabled IT infrastructure teams to better understand application workload behavior and its impact on storage performance — resulting in dramatic cost savings in storage deployments.


Product Innovations

2015 was a pivotal year for Load DynamiX product and market strategy. Load DynamiX products are already well established as the de facto performance validation standard at both storage technology vendors and at enterprise IT organizations. With its latest product release in December, the company expanded its customer base to include both storage engineering and storage operations teams. The new workload acquisition and analysis products help IT storage professionals work smarter, save capital investment and future-proof their storage infrastructure. Some of the 2015 Load DynamiX innovations include:

The new Workload Sensor, Workload Data Importer and Workload Analyzer, for the first time, give enterprises a full picture of their application’s workload I/O behavior. Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.0 advanced storage performance analytics now provide unparalleled insight into workload behavior and its effect on storage performance, transforming workload analysis from an art form into a science.

Simplified the evaluation and understanding of the performance capabilities of software defined storage technologies such as CEPH, OpenStack Swift and OpenStack Cinder by automating the workload modeling process. Load DynamiX has become the key enabler to the intelligent adoption of next generation storage deployments across file, block and now object storage.

Introduced the industry’s most comprehensive performance testing and evaluation methodology for all flash arrays (AFAs). The Testing All-Flash Arrays with Load DynamiX guide was developed with the goal of providing consistent vendor-independent testing of All-Flash Arrays.

“Load DynamiX has made storage workload performance analytics immediately relevant to both operations teams and application owners that need to ensure good performance and control costs for their application infrastructure,” said Mike Matchett, senior analyst at Taneja Group. “Now, they can easily understand and test the performance impact of potential changes to storage infrastructure and networks to a much greater level of detail — changes in application workload behavior — for future growth, upgrades, application optimization and database tuning.“


Market and Geography Expansion

Load DynamiX continued to expand its business across new market segments and new geographies. 2015 saw the opening of offices in Europe and the appointment of Gavin Tweedie as the company’s EMEA operations director. The company also hired its first US Federal Sales Manager. Significant reseller deals were inked with Computacenter and Carahsoft to help extend the company’s reach into the European and federal government markets, respectively.

“The tremendous growth and adoption of Load DynamiX by IT organizations is a result of IT needing to understand their business critical application workloads and their impact on storage performance,” said Philippe Vincent, president and CEO of Load DynamiX. “IT management is looking to new technologies such as flash, converged and software defined storage to increase the performance and lower the cost of the storage infrastructure. Our solutions have quickly become an essential platform to enable comprehensive assessment of these new approaches to storage, enabling them to confidently plan, implement and troubleshoot their storage infrastructure.”


This article was originally posted “Record Year For Load DynamiX As Enterprise IT Adoption Grows Over 100%” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.