More companies and organizations are finding that moving to the cloud can help secure their data better than an on-site network. The problem many of these companies are facing now, however, is getting there.

Recent research from market analyst Quocirca states that security is one of the top concerns that organizations have when considering a move to the cloud.

However, this same study also cites that 50% of those whom are more reluctant to transition to the cloud do have confidence in cloud security protocols.

Because cloud storage providers know that they are targets for attack, they tend to take more steps to ensure that they are truly secure. A typical cloud provider is, on average, far more secure than the typical company, government or non-profit network. Additionally, cloud businesses have to build secure data centers that are independently audited, and must adhere to industry standards.

"The trick to getting your data to the cloud, and all of the advantages it can provide, is ensuring your data integrity during the migration," stated Ed Clark, COO of LinkTek. Clark continued, "One of the hidden or at least overlooked issues during a migration is file links throughout your documents. If those links are broken during the move, user productivity can suffer and a ton of time can be wasted."

LinkFixer Advanced automatically finds and fixes broken links in an organization's most critical file types, so that migrations and file system reorganizations can be completed quickly, accurately and without causing lost data or lost productivity. LinkFixer Advanced eliminates problems before they happen, and aids overworked IT professionals in moving forward on their projects.


This article was originally posted “Report: IT Professionals Say Data Is More Secure on Cloud Servers” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.