Blueberry Software has release Cloud Machine Manager (CMM) which is designed to reduce Amazon EC2 server bills using a combination of a manual on/off switch, scheduling calendars and usage monitoring to control cloud servers. CMM ensures AWS EC2 servers only work when the user does.

Many businesses typically experience high AWS bills because despite the pay-as-you-go nature of AWS EC2 servers, they are often left on for the entirety of a project or build, or just indefinitely. This can be exacerbated within a test environment where a server is only needed for an hour or two.

Some tools already exist to help manage EC2 servers, such as scheduling tools. Typically, a scheduling tool will allow a user to set their server to switch on or off at certain hours. For example, a user might set the server to switch on at 9am when the work day starts and off at 5.30pm when the work day ends.

CMM also brings the additional functionality of automation and a manual on/off switch for each server (or a group of servers) to provide true on-demand use.

The automation feature works by monitoring the workload of any servers added to the Cloud Machine Manager account. When the software recognizes that the servers aren’t being used, it can automatically switch compute servers off. Before actually going ahead and turning the servers off, the software will send the account administrator a note to say the servers will be switched off.

What makes Cloud Machine Manager a powerful real-time on-demand tool is the on/off switch for each server. The on/off switch simply allows a user to turn a server, or group of servers on and off with the touch of a button. This can be done through a web browser or mobile app and brings real control over AWS EC2 servers.

For the user, CMM offers a way to easily take control of AWS EC2 servers by making them work only when they do, reducing cost and financial wastage as a result.

Martin Green, managing director, Blueberry Software said, "Cloud Machine Manager is unique in the way it empowers company employees to use Cloud services whenever they need to, as if those services had been on all the time, without any cost penalty.

“The convenience of instant Cloud access, combined with the cost savings achievable by automatically switching off unused servers, makes Cloud Machine Manager a game-changer.”


This article was originally posted “Blueberry Software Releases New Cloud Management Tool” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.