MariaDB® Corporation has announced MariaDB Enterprise Cluster™ with MaxScale™ is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The highly scalable solution is based on MariaDB Enterprise and Galera Cluster and is integrated with MariaDB MaxScale. It has been designed to deploy on Microsoft Azure in just minutes. This announcement continues the company's efforts to meet accelerating customer demand for MariaDB technology and its growing adoption in hybrid cloud deployments.

Available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and from MariaDB, the new offering comprises a three-node MariaDB Enterprise Cluster based on Galera clustering technology and MaxScale for truly enterprise-class scalability. The unique solution is pre-configured for deployment to the Azure platform, with a simple interface that enables customers to deploy a clustered configuration quickly and easily. The solution will enable Azure customers to:

  • Deploy a MariaDB cluster and MaxScale with minimal effort
  • Benefit from the wide range of services provided by MaxScale for security, scaling and maintenance
  • Leverage the breadth and flexibility of the Azure cloud

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster on Azure easily integrates with customers' existing IT environments. Azure provides the largest network of secure private connections and data residency and encryption features, so customers can leverage their existing assets and investments. MariaDB MaxScale, included in the bundle, provides additional capabilities for improving security, scalability and maintenance. The offering can be obtained from MariaDB or through the Azure marketplace, an online store for thousands of certified, open source, and community software applications, and add-ons.

"MariaDB Enterprise Cluster with MaxScale gives developers the enterprise-class availability and capabilities they need to provision and extend their applications in Azure within minutes, while maintaining compatibility with on-premises counterparts and enhancing availability and scalability," said Mark Hill, VP for Open Source Sales and Marketing Strategy at Microsoft.

"Each deployment model has its strengths, and we predict that most enterprises will implement hybrid solutions that mix on-premises with public and private cloud deployments," said Jason Stamper, analyst, Data Platforms & Analytics, 451 Research. "MariaDB has clearly recognized a gap in high-performance database solutions in the cloud, and has delivered the product and the rapid deployment capability to make building hybrid environments easier for customers."

"The demand for an enterprise-grade public cloud deployment of MariaDB has been growing within our user base," said Nishant Vyas, CTO of MariaDB. "To meet that demand we're delivering the leading performance, security, and availability of MariaDB, with all the flexibility of the cloud."


This article was originally posted “MariaDB® Release Scalable Hybrid Cloud Offering For Microsoft Azure” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.