Galileo has announced the general availability, on October 19th, of two new IT Intelligence Dashboards that transform complex IT data into visually compelling, relevant insights.

Galileo Performance Explorer’s new Enterprise Dashboard and Alerting Dashboard offer benefits for C-level IT executives, IT directors, and data center managers.  All users benefit from powerful insights in just a few clicks across the IT enterprise and can make data-driven business decisions faster than ever possible before. 

“With deep, single pane of glass data analytics and reporting coupled with IT performance data all in one place, our new IT Intelligence Dashboards offer more than just pretty pictures,” says Tim Conley, Galileo co-founder and principal. “From the graphical interface on both the Enterprise and Alerting Dashboards, users can see everything across their IT enterprise and miss nothing. This allows for advanced, predictive IT management that can help prevent downtime and save valuable IT dollars.”

“Unlike other enterprise dashboards we've seen, this isn't just a bunch of random pie charts,” says Mike Matchett, senior analyst and consultant at Taneja Group, a technology industry analysis and consulting firm. “The Galileo IT Intelligence Dashboards are a well-researched set of distilled measurements about capacity, utilization, configuration/licensing, and performance that real IT managers need to stay on top of the larger data center.” 

Users are finding that the intuitive drill-down features of Galileo’s Dashboards make it faster than ever before to find the root cause of a problem or perform in-depth analyses into their IT environments. Users can also utilize the Dashboards at no additional costs, as they are built-in to Galileo Performance Explorer’s cloud-based Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) suite.

“As always, Galileo Performance Explorer’s IPM as a Service architecture makes implementation and support a non-issue,” says Conley. “Subscription pricing makes Galileo extremely affordable and valuable reporting results drive ROI possibly in just minutes.”


This article was originally posted “Galileo To Release New IT Intelligence Dashboards” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.