Avere Systems has announced that ESG Lab has validated the performance of its Virtual Edge filers (vFXT) and FlashMove® technology on Google’s Cloud Platform. In various testing scenarios, the vFXT improved the flexibility, agility and cost effectiveness of using Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage for new and existing workloads.

Key report validation findings include:

  • Simple to deploy – In less than 12 minutes, ESG lab initialized and fully configured an Avere vFXT cluster, ready for service in Google Cloud Platform, confirming the simplicity of deployment.
  • Flexibility – ESG Lab found that the Avere vFXT cluster allows cloud storage in Google Cloud Platform and on-premises file storage to be presented under a single global namespace available to cloud compute application instances. Users can choose whether their data will reside in the cloud or back on-premises, offering ultimate control over placement and retention of data, without modifications to application workflows.
  • Scalability and Performance – Using the Avere vFXT eliminates the need to bulk copy source data to Google Compute Engine to support compute instances and easily scales for performance demanding applications.
  • Enhanced Cloud Agility – Avere vFXT Edge filers enable agile usage of unlimited cloud-based compute and storage resources.
    -Instantaneously spin up thousands of compute instances to crunch data faster than ever before, and quickly tear it all down when the work is complete.
    -Easily minimize the impact to application workflows and avoid cloud lock-in with the ability to shift your workflows between on-premises and global cloud zones and regions.
  • Optimized Cloud Economics – ESG found that the enhanced flexibility of the Avere vFXT Edge filer in Google Cloud Platform deployments ultimately means that organizations can make quick and simple calculations to determine how to balance workloads in order to maximize performance while minimizing costs.

“If your organization is considering extending the capabilities of its physical data center by leveraging the agility, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of cloud compute and storage, ESG Lab suggests that you consider working with Avere,” said Aviv Kaufmann, ESG lab analyst.

“Avere's vFXT Edge filer bridges the gap between on-premises datacenters and cloud computing resources. By unleashing the potential of unlimited compute and storage resources available in the cloud, the vFXT technology is helping to overcome a critical barrier in enterprise adoption of the cloud," said Bernhard Behn, principal technical marketing engineer, Avere Systems. "Avere's unique NAS solution is helping companies push their application workflows into the cloud's hyper-scale infrastructure, guaranteeing ultimate flexibility, performance and agility for this next era of computing.

On October 15, ESG Lab and Avere will come together to host a webinar that explores the ESG Lab findings of Avere’s vFXT Edge Filer hands-on testing with Google Cloud Platform.


This article was originally posted “ESG Lab Validates Avere’s Hybrid Cloud Technology” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.