The Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group has announced three new Caucus co-chairs, and a growing roster of upcoming cloud programs. Representatives Barbara Comstock (R-VA), Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Mark Walker (R-NC) join founding member Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) as co-chairs of the bipartisan member organization, focused on educating Congress about the benefits and potential of cloud computing.

The Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group, a non-profit, non-partisan organization promoting the goals of the Caucus, announced its support for the new co-chairs.

"The Caucus Advisory Group annual State of Federal Cloud report pegs cloud adoption at about one% of the Federal $80 billion IT spend," said David Hantman, executive director, Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group. "Things are moving too slowly – and clearly the Hill is getting more interested in seeing progress. We're delighted to welcome the new co-chairs, and look forward to a strong schedule of programs and initiatives."

With support from the new co-chairs, the Cloud Computing Caucus and the Advisory Group will further the opportunity for lawmakers and the public to learn how cloud is fundamentally changing government IT.

“Cloud computing is in many ways the future of information technology and an economic engine powering innovation in this country, from the start-ups in Silicon Beach and Silicon Alley to the established tech companies serving Silicon Valley and the D.C. region,” said Congressman Lieu. “As one of four computer science majors serving in the Congress, I am honored to be named co-chair of the Cloud Computing Caucus. I look forward to working with my colleagues to find a positive role for government to address the issues and challenges of doing business in the cloud, to foster innovation, and to protect the privacy and security of information online.”

Cloud is also playing a role in protecting our data — a concept that was on display at the Caucus Advisory Group’s October 6 event, “Beyond the Breach — A Secure Cloud Environment.” Joining the new co-chairs was a full lineup of Federal IT experts, including Labor CIO Dawn Leaf, who highlighted the two hours per month the agency’s 19,000 employees have saved since moving email to the cloud. With a focus on security, the Caucus co-chairs spoke to the standing-room-only crowd about the need for modernization as a protective measure.

"I am pleased to announce that I will be co-chairing the Congressional Cloud Caucus, along with Representative Connolly, Representative Comstock, and Representative Lieu,” said Congressman Walker. “This caucus focuses on drawing attention to all that cloud IT can do for our federal networks. In light of the recent OPM hack and subsequent theft of personal data, this caucus will play an increasingly vital role in raising awareness and offering sound and secure solutions for the adoption of cloud IT across the federal government. I am excited for the opportunity to elevate this innovative tool and look forward to showing how the cloud will make a positive difference in the operations of government agencies and officials."

"Our world continues to rely more and more on information technology and we need to ensure that our nation stays in the forefront of technological innovation so we can be a strong leader in this industry,” said Congresswoman Comstock. “As a part of this effort, I am proud to co-chair the House Cloud Computing Caucus. Virginia's 10th District is a technological incubator and cloud computing is one of the tools we need to utilize to maintain a strong, nationwide information technology sector that creates 21st century jobs."

In addition, the Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group announced its upcoming programs, including an educational briefing later this year and a discussion on cloud budget realities in February 2016. More details to be announced and programs to be released.


This article was originally posted “Cloud Computing Caucus Welcomes Three New Co-Chairs” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.