Minkels has announced it will share its vision on cloud market developments during IP Expo Europe, 7-8 October in London. Vincent Liebe, marketing manager at Minkels, will be one of the seminar speakers during IP Expo, explaining what it takes to build a ‘cloud-ready’ data center facility.

“As a global provider of integrated data center solutions, Minkels is currently experiencing a strong European growth in demand for ‘cloud-ready’ data center infrastructure. An accelerated adoption of cloud in Europe will result in highly changeable workloads and an increased demand for flexibility in European data center environments,” said Liebe, who will further elaborate on Minkels’ cloud market vision during IP Expo Europe in London. “This in turn will emphasize the need for a modular approach when selecting the right data center components and choosing a logical data center layout. Modularity as well as integration and efficiency in data center design are the answer to current cloud dynamics.”

“The major cloud providers such as IBM, Salesforce, Amazon, Oracle, Google and Microsoft have accelerated cloud demand in Europe, with hybrid cloud deployments now taking the lead,” added Liebe. “Hybrid cloud is gaining ground against traditional IT infrastructure implementations and the use of pure-colocation alike — a trend that is confirmed by our global client statistics and a new European study by Vanson Bourne -commissioned by global managed services provider Easynet. The study among enterprise organizations shows that almost three-quarters of large enterprises have some sort of cloud computing in use, while two in five companies use hybrid cloud. This increased adoption of cloud computing in Europe, strengthens the need for a modular thus flexible approach when implementing new data center infrastructure. Modularity helps cloud providers and enterprises reap the benefits of all the potential characteristics associated with cloud computing.”


Location Independency, Scalability

“Location independency is one of those cloud characteristics that cries out for a maximum of flexibility in the data center environment,” said Liebe. “With inherently strong fluctuations in underlying data center resources, the independency from physical data center premises makes data center resource planning unpredictable. Modularity will keep things flexible. Another cloud characteristic positively addressed by modularity in data center infrastructure, is the fact that cloud is potentially highly scalable (up and down). A modular data center infrastructure provides a guaranteed level of flexibility and scalability for cloud environments.”

Modularity, but also energy-efficiency are key principles for implementing a successful, cloud-enabled data center infrastructure, according to Minkels. Liebe: “Modularity enables cloud providers and enterprises to achieve the actual benefits of cloud computing, while energy-efficiency helps cloud users keep a grip on increased energy density levels.”


Aisle Containment Solutions

Within Minkels’ broad data center portfolio, modular aisle containment solutions are available to address these modularity and energy efficiency needs dictated by cloud. The Next Generation Cold Corridor®from Minkels offers cloud users a maximum of flexibility due to its modular principles inserted on construction detail level. Minkels’ Free Standing Cold Corridor® offers the same benefits delivered by the Next Generation Cold Corridor and more. Its rack independency makes the Free Standing Cold Corridor a perfect fit for highly changeable and unpredictable IT infrastructures. With energy-efficiency being created from day one, this solution even facilitates a pay-as-you-grow model while it can also cope with rapidly changing specifications of storage equipment.

IP EXPO Europe is an IT event for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward. With six IT events under ONE roof, 300+ exhibitors and free to attend seminar sessions, IP EXPO Europe is an IT event aimed at CIOs, heads of IT, security specialists, heads of insight and tech experts. IP EXPO Europe now incorporates Cloud and Infrastructure Europe, Cyber Security Europe, Data Centre Europe, Data Analytics Europe, DevOps Europe and Unified Communications Europe.

The Minkels seminar at IP EXPO Europe in London can be joined on Wednesday 7th October, 11:40 to 12:10. Minkels will also be exhibiting at IP EXPO, demonstrating the Free Standing Cold Corridor® at booth MM18.

IP EXPO Europe takes place on 7-8 October 2015 at ExCel, London.


This article was originally posted “Minkels To Speak At IP Expo Europe” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.