TmaxSoft (TMS) has announced expansion into the U.S. market with a direct and channel strategy that offers enterprise CIOs data alternatives with an eye on private and hybrid cloud technologies. 

“At TmaxSoft, we tested the U.S. market readiness several times over the past few years while perfecting our offerings in Asian markets,” said U.S. Country CEO Joshua Yulish. “The surge in mainframe system modernizations and ‘big data’ moves into private and hybrid cloud architectures tell us markets in the U.S. and elsewhere are ready.  We’re jumping in with both feet with practical data management and data modernization alternatives for the enterprise at business-effective price points as they modernize and re-architect for the cloud.”

Already known for a strong commitment to channel partners, TmaxSoft will continue to leverage the channel as it expands into American, EMEA and other regional markets.  Long-standing channel partners and system integrators (SIs) have demonstrated the power and value of the TmaxSoft channel program, whether markets are rising or falling. These channel partners understand the value proposition of data modernization and stable database solutions, especially in the financial and insurance markets, that can flexibly leverage private, public or hybrid cloud architectures. They also are familiar with the modernization opportunities that mainframe rehosting can provide.

TmaxSoft offerings fulfill key needs for today’s massive data-handling transitions. All feature very business-efficient price points and extremely fast time to deployment.

Solutions include:

  • Tibero – A Database Management System with active active clustering for failover, improved security, easy conversions from other DBs such as Oracle, and much more business-effective, less resource-draining price points than competing strategies.
  • OpenFrame – Modernization and rehosting that brings pre-SQL, single-tier mainframe applications to SQL DB in a multitier, x86 cloud environment without any change to applications. Transitions are largely automated and the included tool suite is complete with test tools, unlike competing products. Implementation can become the final modernization strategy or can be used as a safe cloud-based operating stage for a complete local re-architecting. Payback is typically achieved in 12 to 18 months, again unlike more expensive alternatives.
  • Web Application Framework – Includes both WebtoB and JEUS, providing both static and dynamic web page capability. By eliminating any need for an open firewall port, it greatly enhances security. It also improves performance through load balancing and failover.

TmaxSoft’s drive towards infrastructure software modernization supports the assessment of regional markets as ready now for TMS modernization solutions in the Americas, Europe, and across Asia. 

More information on TMaxSoft and its products is available at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo booth #754.


This article was originally posted “TmaxSoft Announces Formal Expansion Into U.S. Market” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.