Avere Systems has announced support for SwiftStack, a leader in a new breed of object storage for the enterprise. This collaboration allows organizations to benefit from the high-performance file system capabilities of Avere with the low-cost, highly scalable on-premises object storage provided by SwiftStack. As a result, organizations no longer have to face a trade-off between cost-saving object storage and NAS functionality.

"OpenStack Swift is the engine that powers many of the world's largest public cloud object storage offerings, and it is exciting for the OpenStack community to work with cloud storage technology leaders like Avere," said John Dickinson, project technical lead for OpenStack Swift. "The results from this collaboration not only increase and accelerate access to public cloud, it also benefits organizations building private clouds using OpenStack."

SwiftStack object storage was designed to give enterprises a simple solution for deploying and operating a private storage cloud inside their firewall and is unique among private object storage in offering no lock-in of data, freedom of choice in standard hardware and control of clusters across data centers. Avere supports SwiftStack through its FlashCloud technology and implements the Amazon S3 API to integrate with SwiftStack. FlashCloud connects to public and private clouds, translating standard NAS protocols and protecting customer application investments. Marrying object storage with file systems based NAS provides customers with unlimited capacity scaling in the cloud and unlimited performance scaling with its FXT Series Edge filers.

"The new breed of software-defined object storage is more than just an API for access, it serves as an architecture that allows organizations to deliver the public cloud benefits of scale, cost and agility within their own data centers to meet the needs of their customers," said Joe Arnold, founder and chief product officer, SwiftStack, Inc. "Organizations are rapidly deploying private cloud storage in workflows that benefit from REST API and POSIX interfaces, where the addition of Avere technology in their architectures accelerates the value of their overall storage investments."

"This collaboration brings together the leader in open source large-scale object storage with the leader of hybrid cloud solutions at an optimal time in the storage market. SwiftStack provides a very scalable enterprise-grade storage solution to those organizations seeking to build their own private object store and Avere then brings the file system and performance capabilities required to make use of the vast amount of unstructured data stored in SwiftStack," said Ron Bianchini, president and CEO of Avere Systems. "As we grow our relationships with public and private cloud vendors, we strive to make the hybrid cloud a realistic business approach for customers and provide competitive advantage within their respective industries."


This article was originally posted “Avere Systems Announces New Support For OpenStack” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.