Talari Networks, Inc.has announced that the Talari Virtual Appliance CT800 is now available as a listing in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Businesses now have easy access to Talari’s SD-WAN solution on the AWS Cloud, which provides them with a secure, reliable and high-quality connection to AWS, as well as detailed visibility into the performance of the cloud access network.

The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for Talari Virtual Appliance CT800 hosted on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables companies to build an on-demand tunnel from their physical locations, data centers and private clouds to the AWS Cloud. These tunnels are built as an overlay on top of available network resources, and data using the tunnels is encrypted, prioritized and routed across the best path to and from the AWS Cloud. This ensures optimal performance and reliability while simplifying network design and configuration. Plus, performance data collected on each connection in the network underlay, as well as on the application traffic, provides extremely granular visibility into the performance of the network and applications.

“The Talari Virtual Appliance CT800 gives AWS Marketplace customers a secure, on-demand connection from any office to their VPC instances. This makes setting up access from any location to the cloud simple, while ensuring that the connection is reliable, high performing and secure. Any business using AWS Cloud, whether for a disaster recovery location, e-commerce hosting site, or to expand compute and storage resources, will see an improvement in the reliability of their connections,” said Talari’s CMO Kevin Gavin.


This article was originally posted “Talari Delivers SD-WAN Cloud Solution In AWS Marketplace” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.