Kaminario has announced it is entering the cloud service provider market with the availability of Kaminario Cloud Fabric™, a software-defined storage offering. Cloud Fabric leverages the same composable data platform behind Kaminario’s all-flash storage appliance, the Kaminario K2. Kaminario’s composable data platform incorporates the VisionOSTM software operating platform and the ClarityTM analytics suite. Cloud Fabric delivers software-defined agility with the proven technology capability and enterprise-class features that earned Kaminario K2 the highest ranking in three out of five use cases compared to 19 all-flash arrays evaluated in Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities Report.

The software-defined datacenter (SDDC) is a key enabler to delivering next-generation cloud services.  While a small group of hyper scale service providers have pioneered the SDDC concept with their own proprietary engineering efforts, the level of technology investment required is not practical for the vast majority of enterprise or cloud service provider IT organizations.  Kaminario Cloud Fabric provides a path for cloud service providers to embrace the SDDC paradigm without developing their own proprietary data management software stack.

Cloud Fabric complements Kaminario’s K2 appliance with a new software-only consumption model.  Cloud Fabric customers will receive access to Kaminario’s composable data platform through a simple, enterprise-wide, usage-based software license. Pay as you go pricing aligns infrastructure management costs to the as-a-service business models of cloud service providers. Cloud Fabric can be deployed on a certified, industry-standard hardware stack available through Tech Data as part of a recently announced partnership with Kaminario. Physical hardware assets are completely decoupled from software licenses, allowing cloud service providers to shift hardware resources as needed and to scale storage infrastructure up, out, in and off based on business demands.

“Cloud Fabric represents the next phase of Kaminario’s journey toward becoming a cloud software company,” said Dani Golan, CEO, Kaminario. “We see software-defined, composable infrastructure becoming the dominant storage paradigm for modern datacenters.  Fixed storage array architectures no longer make sense in the era of the cloud.”

This article was originally posted “Kaminario Launches Software-Defined Composable Data Platform” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.