Cloudnexa has announced the release of new functionality for Cloudnexa’s vNOC cloud management platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new functionality empowers Cloudnexa customers to automate cloud provisioning, as well as management, utilizing its cloud management platform vNOC.

Cloudnexa is a Premier Consulting and Audited Managed Services Partner of AWS. Since 2008, the company has been developing its management platform vNOC, as well as a library of best practices for provisioning services on AWS. Today’s announcement marks the expansion of vNOC to both a provisioning and management solution with the delivery of best practice-based provisioning. Specifically, Cloudnexa is providing an online automated path to creation of best practice architecture for clients wanting to self-serve or participate more actively in the provisioning of their services. All components of required infrastructure can be auto-provisioned, essentially all the components needed to launch any type of stack on AWS.

“Public cloud services are easily accessible to organizations; anyone can log on and spin up instances almost immediately. What isn’t often as easily understood are the best practices an organization should utilize when deploying services that will affect short- and long-term cost and performance of the environments,” said MJ DiBerardino, CTO of Cloudnexa. “Today we are delivering a best practice-based automated provisioning for AWS services through our vNOC management platform that any client can utilize to ensure fast, efficient, and optimal provisioning of services on AWS.” 

“As AWS continues to roll out new Cloud computing services it is becoming more complex for many SMBs to properly configure and manage these powerful resources in a cost-effective fashion,” said Jeffrey M. Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies and Founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace. "With its new automated provisioning capabilities, Cloudnexa's vNOC platform provides a full lifecycle of management functionality that enables users to leverage the company’s extensive managed services expertise and experience to optimize their AWS resources.”

Cloudnexa is an authorized reseller of AWS services and offers vNOC as a value added component to all of its self-service, managed or premium managed service customers. The management platform enables customers to view, manage — and now provision — their AWS environments from a single portal, with management capabilities such as billing, resource management, performance, security, and governance.


This article was originally posted “Automated Provisioning For AWS Now Available In Cloudnexa vNOC” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.