Asigra Inc. has announced that Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) has chosen Echopath, LLC Data Backup Services powered by Asigra to consolidate backup operations across 14 locations throughout North America. With the transition from a mix of tape- and disk-based backup solutions, the organization has now centralized and streamlined data recovery operations.

Established in 1916 and headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, Multi-Color Corporation has grown to support the world’s most prominent brands in consumer products, including leading producers of home and personal care, food & beverage, automotive and other specialty market products. The organization uses state-of-the-art labelling technologies with in-house solutions in pressure sensitive, cut and stack, in-mold, shrink sleeve and heat transfer solutions. In a review of its data protection infrastructure to ensure business continuity, MCC discovered inefficiencies in the way backup and recovery was conducted throughout its operations using multiple backup solutions.

“Managing IT solutions across distributed environments is challenging, but the problem is compounded with multi-vendor backup technologies. These solutions require hands-on attention which can result in inconsistent reliability and performance,” said Larry Morgan, manager of technology services for MCC. “Echopath’s service powered by Asigra directly addresses this issue with an end-to-end solution that automates the process and provides data recovery both locally and remotely without the need for dedicated hardware. The result for MCC has been newfound confidence in our ability to ensure business continuity regardless of the situation.”

Echopath is an Indianapolis-based provider of enterprise data backup services, with solutions built upon Asigra Cloud Backup™, an award-winning agentless data protection software platform delivering enterprise-level capabilities for any size organization. Services include centralized data protection that makes recovery reliable, secure and efficient whether protecting one or one thousand corporate locations. Echopath data backup services make it easy to align the level of data protection to the value of the data being protected. The result is better protection, lower cost, and far less complexity than non-integrated point solutions that only protect a subset of data sources.

“Where larger organizations experience data protection challenges is in the management of several point solutions spread across multiple locations. There is a noticeable lack of consistency that can negatively impact the ability to meet data recovery and compliance obligations,” said Chad Whaley, CEO, Echopath. “Our Asigra-based backup service introduces uniformity that provides new levels of confidence in the ability to recover data in a timely manner. Built from the ground up for service delivery, the solution delivers high reliability and value.”

“Reducing the complexity and cost of data protection is Asigra’s primary mission,” said Tracy Staniland, vice president, Corporate Marketing for Asigra. “Our multi-faceted solution eliminates the need to manage backup/DR processes onsite or invest in thousands of dollars in hardware. We are pleased in the example presented by MCC highlighting the displacement of multiple point solutions to centralize data recovery regardless of data type, source or location.”


This article was originally posted “Multi-Color Corporation Selects Echopath Cloud Backup” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.