A new Microsoft Azure app, which helps global organisations identify and track their cloud computing costs, has been formally launched in the UK and globally. The new online application called ZureView, has been developed by Irish owned cloud transformation and support company Auxilion headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with support operations in Sheffield, UK.

 “Cloud computing costs are based on usage but it is extremely time consuming and challenging in larger organisations, which may be using an array of cloud services, to analyse and assign costs across various divisions,” commented Paul Schmitz, chief sales officer, Auxilion. “ZureView provides real time consumption at your fingertips as well as an insight into Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis of your cloud computing usage.”

The new app was developed by Auxilion’s Research & Development (R&D) team for the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform which has over 450,000 customers and is adding more than 1,000 per day*. Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies use Windows Azure with more than 1m US Government employees using Microsoft Office 365**. Over 275,000 website are hosted on Microsoft Azure with over 1 billion requests per day received on these*.

“Positive feedback and research suggests global potential for ZureView,” added Schmitz. “You do not need to be an existing customer of Auxilion to access it.”

As well as enterprise end users, the ZureView app is targeted at Microsoft partners and Licensing Solution Providers (LSPs) who need to provide a breakdown of usage costs to their customers as well as monitor their own profitability.

Commenting on the app, John Garidis, Cloud Practice Lead, Bytes Software Services said, “ZureView is a great boost to our Azure customer service and reporting. We are able to produce our Enterprise Agreement customer reports on Azure consumption at month end, seamlessly and in a fraction of the time.”

ZureView, which may be purchased directly from the site at www.auxilion.com/zureview, costs from £2.89 per Azure subscription per month and £289 per enterprise enrolment per year. A free trial is also available online.

*Microsoft stats usage
** Microsoft: http://news.microsoft.com/cloud/index.html.


This article was originally posted “New Azure App Identifies Cloud Computing Costs” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.