Threat Stack has announced a seamless integration with PagerDuty, the leader in operations performance software. The popular PagerDuty platform allows engineering and IT teams to connect their operations systems, teams and data into a single, easy-to-use console that makes managing and responding to incidents quick and easy. By integrating with PagerDuty, Threat Stack customers now have more flexibility in the way they manage security incidents. The capabilities Threat Stack customers have come to love can now be sent and managed within PagerDuty’s platform, allowing businesses to stay secure while operating fast.

Threat Stack’s SaaS platform gives users the ability to maintain a healthy security posture in their cloud by providing deep, host-level visibility into system activity. Its cloud-native design makes it fast and easy to deploy, auto-scale to the needs of elastic infrastructure, help meet compliance regulations, protect customer data, and quickly adapt to new threats, making it a great complement to the PagerDuty platform and functionality.

Prior to the announcement, Threat Stack customers could only be alerted within the Threat Stack app or via email on system activity such as: user logins, processes running, configuration changes, changes to access rights and more. However, through this integration, Threat Stack customers can now receive these same contextual alerts directly through PagerDuty, and leverage its capabilities for improved incident visibility, collaboration, and resolution.

“We love PagerDuty and are big users ourselves. We appreciate the ease of integration with other platforms, the scheduling and overrides, and the per-service escalation groups. After hearing requests from our customers, we’re thrilled to provide a cloud security solution that complements our customer’s existing operations workflow to give them an even more comprehensive security architecture for all of their cloud environments,” said Chris Gervais, VP of Engineering at Threat Stack.  “This integration demonstrates our commitment to giving customers the most amount of flexibility in their operations workflow.”   

“PagerDuty takes security — internally and with our customers — very seriously, and that’s why we’re pleased to partner with Threat Stack,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, vice president of product at PagerDuty. “By continuing to expand our ecosystem, we’re providing real solutions to everyday operations problems for our customers.”


This article was originally posted “Threat Stack™ Integrates With PagerDuty” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.