Rootstock Software® has announced that Innové Global Solutions has selected Rootstock's cloud ERP to create a transparent inventory among its primary locations, Knoxville and Chicago, along with multiple sales offices and warehouse sites across North America.

"We were using a variety of manufacturing types of software packages in our different facilities," explains Sean Bowyer, director of Innové Global. "We wanted to get all locations working together, leveraging the advantages of a transparent inventory. Thus, we wanted all facilities doing the same thing, from having common dashboarding to reporting in a similar manner. It was also important that the new manufacturing ERP work on the Salesforce platform, as we feel this is an enduring leader in the industry and that it meshes seamlessly with FinancialForce. To get the new ERP installed and working with our other software applications, we wanted to minimize customizations."

Having a friend at another company —Enduraplas — already using Rootstock, Bowyer contacted Rootstock and ultimately determined that its manufacturing ERP software best met their business model.

"The primary thing is that Rootstock cloud ERP is 100% native to the Salesforce platform, which means that their software runs 100% within Salesforce," adds Bowyer. "Rootstock's ERP supports our multiple sites, all within a single tenant on the Salesforce platform. This is exactly the kind of stability and flexibility that we were looking for. They also have a good manufacturing and distribution suite and their inventory management module is very important to us."

Rootstock Inventory Control supports a number of manufacturing and distribution business processes relating to the maintenance of item inventories, inventory valuation and planning and setting of item policies such as lead time and MRP or replenishment planning," emphasizes Pat Garrehy, CEO, Rootstock. "Purchase Requisition Maintenance for Direct Material Items is also supported in this module as is a Supply Demand Review, an output of MRP or RP, which illustrates the supply and demand picture with projected on hand balances helpful to a material planner for managing the inventory."

"We look forward to having our new ERP help us gain efficiencies, elevate our productivity and profitability, and put our present administrative staffers in more productive roles," summarizes Bowyer.


This article was originally posted “Innové Global Chooses Roostock Cloud ERP” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.