StorReduce has announced the availability of its product on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Marketplace. StorReduce offers the first cloud native, on-cloud, on-demand global inline deduplication software for unstructured data stored in an object store, like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and OpenStack Swift. It reduces public cloud storage costs and / or the infrastructure required to set up your private cloud typically by 50-95% for: backups, archives, data from mobiles, social media and other big data where there is copying of the data, and general unstructured file data.

"For years enterprises' data has been locked into expensive on-premise hardware cycles, stored on different media, with different vendors, processes and APIs," says Vanessa Wilson, CEO of StorReduce. "This data is trapped in silos that are not available, scalable, or able to deliver maximum business value. The incredible growth rate of unstructured data compounds this problem. Many companies on cloud and those with on-premise silos are at a critical point and need to work out a new way to 'pool' their storage, whilst making it cost-effective, scalable and open to new technologies that maximize the data's value. We created StorReduce to solve these problems.”

StorReduce has cloud-native Amazon S3 and SWIFT interfaces, and therefore any data it migrates or deduplicates is stored in an on-cloud data lake, which can be natively accessed by anycloud service, such as Search, Hadoop or Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) for data mining and more, to maximize the data's business value. 

StorReduce software installs in your private or public cloud in minutes and deduplicates data blocks inline with up to 600 MB/s throughput on reads and writes.

"StorReduce's fast throughput breaks new ground and enables much larger volumes of data (petabytes) to be migrated to cloud, reducing migration time from years to weeks and greatly reducing the cost," says Hugh Emberson, CTO of StorReduce. "It's also fast enough for on-cloud big data companies to use to decrease their cloud storage and also use data mining services like EMR or Hadoop in real time." StorReduce handles enterprise loads of up to 10 PB of data on a single instance and can be used on multiple clouds or a hybrid cloud environment.

"StorReduce's advances are significant. It makes my business work," says Guy Holmes Director of SpectrumData, one of the world's largest independent data management companies. SpectrumData compared StorReduce against a leading global vendor for tape migration to the AWS Cloud. StorReduce delivered unprecedented results, cutting migration from years to weeks. "It is virtually impossible to migrate large tape archives to cloud using existing on-premise deduplication offerings because they do not scale," Holmes stated. "StorReduce deduplicates 24/7, has extremely fast throughput which reduces years of work to weeks, and showed deduplication ratios trending to over 95%, equal to the leading global deduplication offerings we have tested."


This article was originally posted “StorReduce Announces Availability On Amazon Web Services” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.