Aspect Software has announced that long-time customer Trase Miller, a provider of premium contact center fulfillment solutions, is moving its contact center technology to the cloud with Aspect's Zipwire, Aspect Workforce Management Cloud, Aspect Performance Management and Aspect Active Assignment. Trase Miller is making the move in part because of the Aspect Cloud, the company's expansive and patented global data center and telecommunications infrastructure, which will give Trase Miller speed and simplicity in the solutions setup thereby accelerating their time-to-value by quickly getting agents serving customers.

With Aspect's SaaS-based contact center solution Zipwire, Trase Miller has the ability to deliver omni-channel customer care with multi-session chat, fully-featured agent and supervisor desktops and advanced reporting and recording capabilities. To achieve superior customer experiences and cost efficiencies, Trase Miller recognized the importance of monitoring staffing levels and matching employee skills to market demand. With Aspect's Workforce Management Cloud solution, Trase Miller's customers benefit from the efficiencies of cloud delivery, including rapid scalability, elimination of software and hardware maintenance, and the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

"We have been diligent about embracing new technologies and recognized the need for a cloud solution to better serve our clients and their end consumers," said Frank Silzer, President of Trase Miller. "We knew that we needed to enhance our infrastructure as we continue to grow our business and handle the demands of our clients. We believe that Aspect can equip us to successfully handle an ever-changing consumer environment."

With Aspect's Performance Management, Trase Miller can view and better understand employee achievement from many different perspectives and take immediate action to improve agent productivity and efficiency. This solution enables consolidation of contact center data from Zipwire, workforce management, and back office systems. Aspect Active Assignment will help Trase Miller monitor key contact center metrics such as queue and agent statistics on Zipwire and applies "next best action" rules that intelligently make real-time adjustments for an improved customer experience, reduced labor costs, and enhanced employee performance.

"Forward thinking companies like Trase Miller are recognizing that in order to meet the elevated service expectations of consumers today, it is crucial that they reach end customers in the means and manner in which they want to be engaged," says Mike Bourke, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Workforce Optimization. "But to do this effectively enterprises also need to make modifications to their business model, in this case through cloud solution deployment, in order to provide them the service delivery speed and financial nimbleness essential to meeting this market demand."


This article was originally posted “Trase Miller Moves Contact Center Technology To The Cloud” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.