Asigra Inc. has announced that UK Backup has partnered with Asigra to deliver the first recovery performance-based cloud backup pricing option through G-Cloud. Advantages of the new service include low up front and lower long term costs and end-to-end protection of customer data across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile computing platforms.

G-Cloud, the online marketplace where UK public sector bodies can review and buy IT services on the Digital Marketplace, allows UK Backup to deliver cutting edge solutions to the public sector via this framework. Through the G-Cloud 6 framework, customers have access to a range of online backup and hybrid/private backup solutions. Offered as a fully managed public cloud, hybrid or private cloud solution, UK Backup provides an end-to-end solution that not only makes protecting information easy but ensures that users can quickly restore data when required. UK Backup is based out of a high security campus in Farnborough, UK where backup data resides in an IL3, ISO:27001, BS 25999 and ISO:9001 accredited facility. The company is supported by a team of engineers to ensure data is available on demand.

To differentiate their organization’s backup offering, UK Backup is pricing its backup services based on the annual percentage of data that customers recover instead of the amount they backup. To accomplish this, the UK service provider is leveraging the innovative patent-pending Asigra Recovery License Model® (RLM), giving IT professionals the ability to better control backup and recovery costs even as organizational data volumes grow. With this approach, fees are based on a Recovery Performance Score that is calculated over a 12-month period (every 6 months in the first year). A waiver is provided for the single largest recovery event in any licensing term and only successful recoveries are included in the calculations. The fair, transparent and predictable pricing model provides immediate savings of 40% and up to 70% over time.

Asigra is the first cloud backup and recovery software provider to deliver a viable recovery performance-based pricing option for backup. The RLM is enabled by utilizing data recovery analytics and insights that were not previously possible. The end result is what many experts agree is an evolving movement toward performance-based pricing that aligns with actual business value rather than inefficient capacity-based usage.

“In today’s data rich IT environments, businesses are confronted with rising backup costs due to the growing volume of data to protect. Arguing for price concessions with backup providers is an unsustainable approach as pricing margins fall,” said James Chillman, CEO, UK Backup. “The Asigra Recovery License Model provides a fair and transparent way to price backup and recovery that rewards IT organizations that perform well and recover less. At the end of the day, it will be our customers who benefit from this partnership which brings greater efficiency and value to the backup equation.”

“Service providers and end-customers who make the switch to recovery performance-based pricing will find a much fairer approach and one that reflects true business value,” said Eran Farajun, executive vice president, Asigra. “Combined with a technology platform built for comprehensive data protection and recovery assurance, Asigra Cloud Backup is a top tier solution for service providers. UK Backup’s leadership in delivering this technology promises them increased success in this space.”


This article was originally posted “Asigra Partners With UK Backup” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.