IBM has announced that it continues to build out SoftLayer's computing capacity with the addition of new cloud centers in Sydney and Montreal. Both facilities are set to open within the next 30 days. Once launched, IBM will have opened five SoftLayer cloud centers in less than four months, including recently established facilities in Frankfurt, Germany; Querétaro, Mexico; and Tokyo, Japan.

Connected to the initial $1.2 billion investment in cloud services that IBM announced in 2014, the new computing capacity broadens the company's cloud footprint in both Australia and Canada, bringing the full SoftLayer portfolio to local doorsteps. The new cloud centers are each the second of their kind to be opened in their respective countries, giving customers the option for in-country data redundancy.

Additionally, as part of the investment, IBM has committed to opening cloud centers in Milan, Italy and Chennai, India before the year is out, with more sites to be announced later this year. The additional cloud centers give IBM Cloud customers even more locations and options for creating their ideal public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

"We are responding to broad, global, enterprise demand for SoftLayer services," said Jim Comfort, General Manager, IBM Cloud Services. "With each new location, we're not only adding more computing capacity; we're also helping customers solve data residency issues, address security and audit controls, run and scale big data applications on bare metal servers, and more. We're enabling enterprises to move to the cloud at the speed and in a way that makes the most sense for them."

IBM's cloud center expansion strengthens and expands SoftLayer's network, decreases latency, provides geographically diverse locations for data backups, and helps customers as they strive to comply with regulations regarding data sovereignty in many countries. SoftLayer's overall cloud center capacity has grown by 100 percent since IBM acquired the company in 2013.


This article was originally posted “IBM Continues Expansion of Global Cloud Centers To Support Hybrid Cloud Growth” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.