EarthLink Holdings Corp. has unveiled a new Managed Security Monitoring Service designed to actively monitor customers’ network, servers, routers, Point of Sale (POS) devices, laptops and desktops to detect security events before they turn into disruptive and costly data breaches. By partnering with EarthLink to develop a comprehensive Managed Security Monitoring solution, clients can go beyond basic compliance requirements and implement meaningful security designed to protect valuable business and customer data, enabling their IT teams to spend more time focusing on strategic business activities. From card swipe to servers, Managed Security Monitoring uses advanced analytics to detect threats to critical IT and network infrastructure. View a short video that outlines why this protection is crucial in today’s threat environment.

“With our 20-year track record protecting customers, we’ve built a truly comprehensive managed security practice, with experts who stay ahead of the ever-shifting landscape,” said Peter Chronis, EarthLink Chief Security Officer. “With all eyes on IT leaders to deploy the right solution, EarthLink offers one of the most comprehensive managed security monitoring services on the market today, designed to detect threats across the entire IT ecosystem.”

EarthLink’s Security Operations Center collects and analyzes log data from POS devices, routers, servers, laptops and desktops, identifying suspicious security activities before they become major events. Proactive vulnerabilitymanagement, identification and remediation services offer additional protection to reduce threats that compromise business applications and customer data.

Managed Security Monitoring includes:

  • Security tools using advanced threat detection and event correlation techniques designed to detect malicious network and systems activity
  • Experienced security operations center staff skilled in incident response, security event detection and threat containment 
  • Threat detection capabilities designed to evaluate malicious activity across the entire ecosystem including POS endpoints, routers, authentication servers, network devices, security devices, firewalls and customer applications
  • Monitoring processes and procedures that meet HIPAA, PCI, SOX and GLBA requirements
  • Flexible web-based reporting via the myLink® customer portal includes trouble ticket and security event tracking as well as remediation details

Choice of three service levels:

  • Silver – now available, once daily security log and event review and escalation; ideal for retail and service businesses required to meet PCI compliance standards
  • Gold – launching Q2, 2015; 24/7 continuous monitoring with one hour review and escalation; vulnerability identification scans on customer network, servers and mobile devices
  • Platinum – launching Q2, 2015; 24/7 monitoring with one hour review and escalation; vulnerability identification scans on customer network, servers and mobile devices; vulnerability remediation includes patching and/or reconfiguration through integration with either Server Management (basic package) or Unified Endpoint Management

EarthLink’s security team maintains one of the most sophisticated threat catalogs in the world, containing more than 1.2 billion attack vectors. Daily, EarthLink protects more than 1 million customers, blocks over 200 million threats, and adds 200,000 new threats to its catalog.

EarthLink offers a complimentary Data Breach Assessment Tool designed to help companies identify gaps and offer remediation strategies to avoid data breaches. Using key factors common among recent data breaches, questions in the tool help identify holes in a company’s risk management program and provides a customized report with strategies and best practices to help reduce breach risk.


This article was originally posted “EarthLink Releases Managed Security Monitoring Service” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.