Seven10 Storage Software has announced that Allegiance Health selected Storfirst Gateway to move, store, and manage confidential patient data in the cloud. The collaborative solution was delivered through the longstanding EMC and Seven10 Select Technology Connect Partnership.

Since 1918,Allegiance Health has offered advanced health care services and promoted a progressive philosophy of overall wellness. As a leading health care provider, Allegiance institutes responsible policies in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that call for the long-term preservation of critical patient records. “We recognized our organization’s IT infrastructure must easily adapt to rapid innovation within the storage layer. At the same time, we were facing reliability concerns due to a change of control with our existing NetApp StorageGRID platform. As a result, Allegiance Health turned to Seven10,” said Aaron Wootton, Allegiance Health’s Information Systems vice president and chief information officer.

Seven10’s Storfirst Gateway software migrates, protects and manages records in full compliance with HIPAA regulations while providing a seamless transition from legacy storage platforms. In addition Seven10’s Storfirst offers:

Multiple layers of security: Encryption, file-locking, retention, multi-platform replication, portability, hashing, self-audits, tiering and write-once.

Unparalleled flexibility: The Storfirst file systems offers built-in native support of block and file-based disk, CAS, Cloud (via REST) and even Tape or VTL.

Seamless migrations: Seven10 helps companies retire and/or refresh their current storage platform by supplying secure data migrations that deliver uninterrupted access and guarantee against data loss.

For Allegiance, Seven10 moved legacy patient data from NetApp StorageGRID to EMC ECS cloud storage platform while providing a standard and secure SMB/CIFS (or NFS) access layer for go-forward archiving into the ECS platform. The Seven10 solution of software migration plus data management eliminates the need for professional services while instituting a simplified, converged storage strategy with management that reduces complexities, cost, risk and overhead while adhering to health care privacy requirements.

“The combined offering from EMC and Seven10 provides Allegiance Health with an easy and safe migration solution for moving and protecting our critical patient data. Seven10’s Storfirst migration and management software is very robust, allowing us to quickly and easily adopt the EMC cloud storage platform,” said Wootton.

“Traditional IT upgrades are time consuming, exhaustive and cost prohibitive. Seven10 understands there needs to be a better way to transition from legacy storage to next generation technology,” said Bobby Moulton, president and CEO, Seven10 Storage Software. “We designed Storfirst to change how the health care industry approaches storage refresh projects so as to eliminate any interruptions in the patient care process. Putting an end to storage obsolescence means Allegiance Health spends far less time worrying about data migration efforts and more time on what matters most – patient care.”


This article was originally posted “Seven10 Migrates Hundreds Of Millions Of Patient Records To The Cloud” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.