IBM has announced that it has simplified and made it easier for customers to enter into cloud computing services agreements by creating a standard, two-page agreement to replace longer, more complex contracts that typically required long negotiations and reviews before a deal was signed. In comparison, IBM's cloud competitors require customers to review and commit to more complex contracts that commonly are at least five times longer and also incorporate terms and conditions from other websites.

In recognition of this achievement, IBM received the 2014 Innovation Award for Operational Improvement from the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) for boldly and rapidly transforming its cloud computing contract process — an achievement that significantly improved the company's ability to quickly serve cloud computing clients around the world.

"It's ironic that cloud computing represents a faster and more innovative approach to doing business, yet lengthy and complex cloud business contracts from most vendors remain an obstacle," said Neil Abrams, IBM vice president and assistant general counsel. "By dramatically simplifying and accelerating how clients contract for cloud services, IBM is making it easier and faster for companies to reap the benefits of cloud."

The award-winning operational improvement was achieved over the course of two months by a small team, and deployed globally for all of IBM's cloud offerings. IBM's cloud services business and clients quickly benefited from the substantially simplified cloud contracting procedure. Clients have embraced IBM's new and innovative two-page cloud services agreement, which is easy to navigate and understand, dramatically reducing the time required to close a deal and for clients to enjoy the benefits of cloud.


This article was originally posted “IBM Simplifies Its Cloud Computing Contracts” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.