Silicom Ltd. has announced that it has received another design win for its Switched SETAC solution, a strategic new cloud and data center platform designed to save space, energy and costs in cloud and data center services while improving system performance. The client, a leading European provider of DPI solutions for monitoring, lawful interception and cyber security, has selected the accelerated version of the Switched SETAC solution, and has already placed initial purchase orders totaling $250,000. Silicom estimates that its future sales to this customer will ramp to approximately $1 million per year.

The Accelerated Switched SETAC is a unique product that adds Network Processor acceleration to the many additional features and benefits of the Silicom Switched SETAC, including its use of standard motherboards, integration of switching, filtering and load-balancing, and its potential to support emerging SDN/NFV protocols. The new product allows applications to be offloaded from the main CPU to the Network Processor modules, a feature that, when combined with the Switched SETAC’s cross-socket capability, results in unparalleled performance while maintaining all Switched SETAC capabilities.

“We are excited to close our second significant Design Win for our Switched SETAC, combining our Security Appliances offering with our Cloud and Data Center solutions,” commented Shaike Orbach, Silicom’s president and CEO. “The Accelerated version of the product is ideal for markets impacted doubly by the exponential increase in data traffic together with the ramp-up of security threats. By enabling the highest possible performance while minimizing footprint and power consumption — all at an attractive price point — the Accelerated Switched SETAC is a perfect solution for these fast-growing, mission critical markets.”


This article was originally posted “Silicom’s Cloud Platform Solution Wins Design Award” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.