Jim Shanahan, previously Global Head of ABB’s Data Centre Software business, has set up Cranntech to develop automation solutions for data centre and mission-critical clients.

The company provides data centre process management which utilises software to simplify and optimise processes such as incident response and maintenance while delivering content to a mobile platform. This is a relatively new discipline in the industry and Shanahan cites the current lack of available solutions on the market as his motivation for the start-up, saying: “One of the biggest ironies in data centres is that we still have maintenance crews with clipboards taking care of sophisticated cloud infrastructure, while even the pizza guy switched to electronic dispatch years ago.”

The company has already signed a number of global data centre providers as clients.

Shanahan has over 20 years’ experience in mission-critical infrastructure design, automation and maintenance and has held senior technical and executive positions within global technology companies. Prior to working with ABB, he was managing director at LZ / Lee Technologies (now part of Schneider Electric). “Many of the problems facing cloud providers today have previously been solved in other industries like nuclear and pharmaceuticals.” Shanahan notes, referring to his past experience in regulated industries. “We’re now transforming those solutions to meet our data centre and mission critical customers’ needs”.

Shanahan’s co-founder at Cranntech is enterprise software specialist Michael Murphy.


This article was originally posted “ABB Datacentre Executive Sets Up Cloud Automation Business To “Mobilise The Industry”” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.