xMatters, inc. has  introduced the latest release of the xMatters On-Demand cloud platform. Available globally, the technology enables efficient two-way enterprise-wide intelligent communications and alerting. The new release boasts significantly enhanced collaboration features, a cloud-to-enterprise hybrid integration agent, enhancements to executive and employee messaging and more.

Today’s modern enterprise cannot afford business interruptions, whether they are IT operations-, business operations- or business continuity-related. With more automation, more diversified IT infrastructures and more dispersed workforces, when something goes wrong, it is critical to have quick resolve and a reliable system in place to locate the right person to rectify the situation.

“As we know all too well, unplanned interruptions to the business can be catastrophic to a company’s bottom line and their reputation. We have combined all that is great with the promises of cloud-based technologies with our background in monitoring a company’s processes and services to provide IT and operations teams a modern new way to quickly communicate and resolve problems,” said Troy McAlpin, CEO of xMatters. “Our new release tackles major challenges facing IT departments, including the ability to securely integrate enterprise systems that reside behind-the-firewall with our cloud communications systems and providing the ability for IT teams to expedite communicates about issues to business owners, management and also customers, to add even more value.”

xMatters facilitates effective two-way communications to the relevant internal teams and external service providers responsible for a rapid resolution, from assigning a service ticket to the on-call resolution team to setting up an instant conference bridge during a crisis situation and escalating communications in alignment with pre-defined processes. This makes distributed teams more social, collaborative and efficient, and the overall business more effective, agile and competitive.

The new xMatters On-Demand cloud release addresses multiple key market trends and challenges facing IT departments today, including the need for a better view of IT optimization and improvements in team collaborations. Recent industry research concluded by 2017, 30 percent of large enterprises will have full teams of business-technology optimizers focused on extracting more value from IT. xMatters’ new technology release allows for an efficient and proactive response via rapid and tailored communications to business owners, management and also customers, thus providing more strategic value to the business.

What’s more, lingering industry concerns about cloud security are squarely addressed with the new release. Security has been significantly strengthened given the new ability to integrate cloud systems from behind the firewall.

Highlighted new features and functionality for the latest xMatters On-Demand cloud release include:

Stronger Collaboration: New mobile features and reporting enhancements allowing users to collaborate in an even more meaningful and streamlined way. Users can now append menu-based responses with free-text annotations during an incident. Incident teams can view a history of the conversation from the Communication Center allowing for a clear picture of who is doing what during an incident.

Integration Agent: xMatters’ closed-loop integration capabilities have been significantly strengthened with a new agent that enables the integration of xMatters’ intelligent communications with complementary applications, providing more security and reliability through firewalls. These new cloud-to-software integration capabilities are particularly valuable to larger enterprises running hybrid IT environments with legacy systems running behind the firewall that not only need to trigger communications to the xMatters cloud, but also require updates with delivery information, annotations and status updates. With a closed-loop integration, software systems can maintain a full delivery record, annotation log and have their workflow advanced by xMatters’ cloud systems.

Strengthened Mobility Capabilities: Users will also enjoy added value from their mobile devices for remote monitoring with new repeating alert preferences, the ability to view historical messages and the inclusion of free-form text annotations.

Enhanced Business Value Messaging: New subscription enhancements support subscription managers with large and diverse groups. This allows IT teams to easily communicate issues such as service degradation or outages to key stakeholders that include management, client-facing teams and also end users.

Improved Data Quality: New automated detection of bad SMS and voice numbers, and reporting enhancements to track bad contact data will save enterprise IT teams even more valuable time.


This article was originally posted “xMatters Releases Enhanced On-Demand Cloud Platform” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.