Cosentry has announced its new Managed Security and Compliance Services. The services address the security concerns of transitioning data and applications to cloud or colocation environments while also alleviating the IT burden of maintaining adherence to government and industry data storage and processing regulations.

In addition, Cosentry also announced its 4th Annual Cosentry Compliance+Security Summit (C2S2). The summit will be held on December 11th from 1:00PM – 5:00PM at the Regency Marriott in Omaha, Nebraska. The event will bring several of the industry’s foremost cyber security authorities together and share the latest security threat trends, as well as valuable best practices for preventing harmful network breaches. 

This announcement uniquely positions Cosentry to capture the growing Midwest market demand for securing IT assets in the cloud. The company’s managed IT security services go well beyond typical firewall monitoring by providing market-leading security tools with the benefit of integrated Security Operations Center (SOC) services such as patch management, 24x7 log monitoring and alert notifications. The company’s Managed Security Services offer a broad portfolio of:

  • Network Security - Firewall Management, VPN services
  • Server Security - Anti-virus, Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Advanced Services - Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing & Log Monitoring

“Hackers are getting more sophisticated with their attacks and companies often find themselves ill prepared to respond against botnets, malware and other threats that constantly plague the IT infrastructure,” said Brad Hokamp, CEO, Cosentry. “Using 24x7 IDS/IPS log and vulnerability monitoring, Cosentry’s Managed Security Service removes the complexity and cost associated with onsite hardware/software deployment and management while also providing the industry’s best IT security professionals to monitor for breaches and alert customers to potential threats.”

Cosentry also offers a full suite of cloud-based compliance services to ensure that the IT cloud infrastructure supporting your critical data and applications meet and maintain strict industry and regulatory compliance mandates such as: HIPAA, PCI, SSAE16, NIST and FISCAM.

“Achieving, maintaining and demonstrating IT compliance has always been a time-consuming process that pulls the IT staff away from revenue-generating projects,” said Craig Hurley, VP of Product Management, Cosentry. “Our Managed Compliance Service assumes the IT-related responsibilities for adherence while also helping to ensure data meets the most current industry standards or government regulations. Cosentry is especially seeing a growing demand in the healthcare market, where companies are exposed to significant fines for not maintaining HIPAA compliancy to protect patient records. We are confident our comprehensive compliance services will ensure they are meeting the core compliance requirements and more importantly, provide the security capabilities to prevent data theft.”


This article was originally posted “Cosentry Introduces New Managed Security And Compliance Services” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.