Union Solutions has introduced a new portfolio of Actifio-powered services. The new suite of cloud-based data management services helps Union's customers ensure application availability and instant data access. This new portfolio of CopyPoint services uses Actifio's copy data virtualisation platform to increase the efficiency and security of Union Solution's backup service offering and to improve disaster recovery capabilities including:

  • Application development & testing - develop better applications faster
  • Backup as a Service (Vaulting) - protect your vital business application data
  • Recovery / business continuity - rapidly recover your entire business in the cloud

Union Solutions provides managed infrastructure and secure cloud-services. It gives its customers the power to deliver IT services to their businesses in a more cost-effective, efficient and accountable way. Union Solutions has a strong heritage in data storage and has followed Actifio's growth with interest. Following a trial period, the business decided Actifio's data virtualisation would bring its customers unprecedented levels of risk management, cost savings, mobility and productivity. With Actifio, Union optimised their internal technology portfolio by replacing legacy products.

"We've seen Actifio's success in the EMEA market for the past 3 years, and are excited about how we can now offer the transformational impact they've had on enterprises — from the Union Cloud," said Alex McLoughlin, chief technology officer and partner at Union Solutions. "Actifio differs to its competitors because it shapes the conversation around data virtualisation and copy data management. As a managed service provider, we need to be confident that our partners will be able to give us long-term support no matter how the market changes in the future. Actifio offers more than just a platform, it offers a vision for the future which is why we knew it was the partner for us."

Union Solutions has chosen Actifio's platform to help it provide its customers with cost savings and accelerated data access. This can achieved while saving businesses up to 90% in operational expenses and reduces network bandwidth requirements by up to 70%. Actifio helps Union Solutions to increase the efficiency and security of its services while improving disaster recovery capabilities.

Actifio's Copy Data Virtualisation platform benefits include:

  • Resiliency - Better data protection and availability
  • Agility - Access data when and where customers need it
  • Cloud - Enable transition to distributed IT infrastructure model
  • Reduced Complexity - Consolidate backup, DR and off-site storage tools and processes
  • Virtualisation - Unlimited virtual copies for instance access and protection

Actifio virtualises data as other technologies have virtualised compute and networking, decoupling the management of increasingly strategic enterprise data from enterprise infrastructure. IDC estimates the worldwide market for products and services in this space, which it refers to as copy data management, at $46 Billion in 2014.

Greg Scorziello, general manager of EMEA at Actifio added, "The cost and complexity associated with managing data across traditional business infrastructures can stop organisations from recognising additional efficiencies and cost savings when delivering new services to their customers. Through our partnership with Union Solutions, these organisations can leverage new Actifio-powered platforms to improve their business's resiliency and agility. This will help them minimise the amount of data they store, streamlining their data storage process and resulting in significantly lower data costs."


This article was originally posted “Union Solutions Launches Actifio-Powered Cloud Services” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.