Cristie Software has announced that its machine mobility solution, CloneManager, now supports two of the most popular public cloud computing platforms — IBM SoftLayer and Amazon Web Services EC2 — on Windows and Linux.

CloneManager is a machine mobility solution that creates exact copies of running machines in a different environment. By simply dragging and dropping a source machine to a target machine or environment, users can replicate, sync and move operating systems, applications and associated data between and within different physical, virtual and cloud environments. Top benefits include:

  • CloneManager Sync – live periodic synchronizations between the source and target machines without having to repeat a full migration process, to maximise availability and uptime.
  • Agentless option – no need to install software on the source machine. 
  • Tailoring functionality – measures the resource needs of source machines to optimize the configuration of machines in the Cloud environment.

CloneManager gives organizations control and flexibility to easily onboard their customers into SoftLayer and AWS EC2. This is in addition to existing support for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, and vCloud Director 5. 

CloneManager was recently included as another Cristie product that is re-sold by IBM through its Passport Advantage system.  The ability to seamlessly migrate machines to IBM’s SoftLayer platform provides end to end support for IBM’s portfolio of cloud and data mobility solutions.


This article was originally posted “SoftLayer And AWS Support Added To Cristie CloneManager®” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.