Data Holdings has announced its intent to expand into advanced analytics and the growing applications involving big data.

As part of its announcement, Data Holdings has partnered with the Milwaukee Institute, Wisconsin's largest publicly available high performance computing resource that offers advanced analytics, modeling, simulation and visualization services to Wisconsin corporations, research organizations, and universities. The agreement between Data Holdings and the Milwaukee Institute provides Wisconsin-based entities with a secure and 100% reliable physical infrastructure platform they can utilize for access to leading edge technology, expertise, and best practices.

Applications for advanced analytics have become essential to organizations in many industries, many of which are prevalent in Wisconsin. Such organizations might use results of big data analytics for genome and clinical research in healthcare, analysis of customer purchasing habits in retail, recognition of new efficiencies in manufacturing, and understanding customer behavior in the insurance industry.

Data Holdings and Milwaukee Institute see value in provisioning such an outlet to address demand for such capabilities. As Jay Bayne, executive director at the Milwaukee institute explained: "The combination of two Wisconsin-based organizations offering big data storage and analytics services is very powerful. Together we can provide customers with a first-class computational environment without them having to incur additional capital investments in their data center and compute resources."

According to Ian Favill, VP of Business Development at Data Holdings, "In building a world-class data center infrastructure, the Potawatomi has provided an unparalleled resource to Wisconsin businesses. The data center, in combination with the compute expertise of the Milwaukee Institute, provides organizations with the ideal platform to develop groundbreaking analytics tools they can use to advance their business. Additionally, the State benefits through the highly skilled, sustainable jobs the facility creates."

New advanced analytics service offerings are being evaluated and designed by the various end-user organizations. Announcements regarding specific advances and service developments will be made as they become available in the future.


This article was originally posted “Data Holdings Data Center Expands into Advanced Analytics And Big Data Applications” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.