At AWS re:Invent, Catalogic Software showcased a new solution that leverages NetApp Cloud ONTAP for AWS with Catalogic’s ECX Instant Copy Data Management delivered in the Amazon cloud using Docker container technology. The Catalogic copy data management solution can be demoed via AWS Test Drive, an enterprise IT sandbox with free AWS datacenter time. The Test Drive environment enables clients to experience the solution in NetApp’s Proof of Concept Lab — in advance of a private pilot provided by NetApp and Catalogic Software.

Catalogic’s ECX extends enterprise data to Amazon AWS for long-term data management and instant data re-use. The solution allows clients to gain full visibility, insight and control of all files, objects and snapshots and automate copy data. In addition to standard long-term data retention, data recovery and disaster recovery, the Catalogic solution enables Test/Dev that approaches DevOps efficiency levels, as well as business analytics.

“Our strategy at NetApp is to make it easy for our customers to take advantage of the cloud on their terms.  We are especially pleased that our recently released NetApp Cloud ONTAP for AWS is enabling Catalogic to provide their customers with Copy Data Management solutions that seamlessly extend their on-premises environment to the Cloud reducing cost and complexity,” said Phil Brotherton, vice president cloud solutions group, NetApp.

With Catalogic ECX and NetApp Cloud ONTAP for AWS deployed as Amazon EC2 compute instances, customers can build a virtual storage, and copy management solution directly on Amazon cloud resources. Cloud ONTAP with ECX will bring flexibility and agility for application deployment as well as storage efficiency to the Amazon cloud — zero-impact snapshots and actionable data catalog, deduplication and data compression along with storage replication using SnapMirror® technology.

“The cost implications of data management in the hybrid cloud are great,” said Wikibon co-founder and CTO David Floyer. “For example, the evolution to storing, cataloging and managing snapshots and copies in the AWS cloud promises to decrease the cost of storage and storage management, reduce the amount of data that has to be backed up and backup management costs, and improve the availability of copies to developers. In this era of enterprise data agility, NetApp, Catalogic and AWS can reduce the time-to-value for new applications and updates to applications.”

“Catalogic Software’s Instant Copy Data Management, enabled for consistent and continuous delivery in the cloud using innovative Docker container technology, helps makes AWS a seamless extension of on-premises computing,” said Catalogic Software CEO Ed Walsh. “NetApp enables efficient and secure replication of data across the hybrid cloud, and Catalogic provides the fabric-wide data catalog and Closed-Loop Automated Workflow required for key hybrid cloud functions, such as long-term retention, recovery, DR, Test/Dev, DevOps and Business Analytics.”


This article was originally posted “Catalogic Software Showcases Copy Data Management NetApp’s Hybrid Cloud Offerings” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.