BizNet Software and Intacct have launched a first-of-its-kind cloud-based reporting tool, BizInsight for Intacct. Now generally available via subscription, BizInsight for Intacct delivers reports from cloud-based financial and accounting data for unprecedented convenience and functionality.

“This is a true game changer for organizations who are committed to the cloud, but have yet to leverage its full benefits due to limitations in traditional reporting capabilities,” said George McMann, CEO and president of BizNet Software.  

“With BizNet’s solutions working in concert with Intacct, reports can be accessed anytime, anywhere,” McMann concluded.

As the first cloud-based Excel reporting solution designed specifically for integration with Intacct, BizInsight for Intacct is a fully customizable tool that improves accessibility, accuracy and turnaround time.  It allows users to directly access data stored in Intacct’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, so that business reports can be updated with a single mouse click in Excel.  Entirely new reports can be created in a matter of hours instead of days, thanks to BizInsight for Intacct’s drag-and-drop interface.  The solution scales to millions of rows of data, with refresh rates of up to 2,000 cells per second.

Intacct user and beta tester increased productivity and improved reporting processes with the new offering: “With BizInsight for Intacct, our reporting processes are dramatically simpler and more efficient,” said Summer Stone, accountant at “It was extremely easy to access data to create and update reports within Excel. BizInsight has been a massive timesaver and has helped our business operate more smoothly


This article was originally posted “BizNet Software Launches First Cloud-Based Excel Reporting Solution For Intacct” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.