Nimbix has introduced the extension of JARVICE to support hybrid cloud implementations. The new solution extends on-demand big data and HPC applications to hybrid cloud deployments, allowing organizations to comply with data security and location requirements.

JARVICE is a supercomputing architecture adapted for self-service and elasticity rather than a commodity web services platform not adept to running true HPC workloads. The architecture’s new hybrid cloud extension is specifically designed for organizations that need more control over their physical big data and HPC application platforms, without compromising performance or ease-of-use. Unlike other cloud infrastructure solutions, JARVICE is purpose-built for high-performance computing applications. 

In addition, JARVICE allows users to decide which system components and applications run on dedicated equipment, and how much of the Nimbix public cloud to leverage for additional scale. Other solution features include, but are not limited to:

  • On premises infrastructure for data security and location compliance
  • Upstream platform management, ensuring seamless operation/continuous integration of new applications and feature enhancements
  • Seamless cloud bursting to Nimbix public cloud for additional compute capacity
  • Big data and high-performance functionality, guaranteeing best performance/ease-of-use for compute-intensive use cases
  • Platform-as-a-Service/Software-as-a-Service models, allowing developers and end users to operate from one self-service platform
  • 3-D Visualization, driving end-to-end workflows while minimizing data transfer
  • Heterogeneous hardware capabilities, supporting diverse CPUs, GPUs, co-processors, and Infiniband — allowing applications to determine hardware requirements on-demand and avoiding hardware vendor lock-in

Marketing analytics specialist, Moz will implement high-performance data analysis solutions on the JARVICE hybrid cloud platform to reduce infrastructure complexity and make their big data applications more scalable.  This will extend Moz’s existing private cloud infrastructure — hosted and operated by Nimbix. 

“As we continue our journey from public cloud to private cloud, the ability to quickly analyze big data is a key differentiator for us, and a hybrid solution helps us to better process the increasing volume of data with better compute agility,” said Mark Schliemann, vice president of technical operations, Moz.

JARVICE seamlessly integrates private and public cloud resources to optimize big data and HPC workflows for organizations of all types and sizes.  The hybrid cloud platform blends the resource control and data location flexibility of private infrastructure with the virtually unlimited capacity, scale, and seamless operation of the Nimbix public cloud.  Customers have complete control over what workflow steps run on premises or in the cloud, and enjoy automatic updates for both infrastructure components and HPC applications.

"JARVICE is the fastest, easiest way to run Big Data and HPC applications.  The new hybrid cloud extensions give customers more control over infrastructure and topology to better address security and compliance, without sacrificing the supercomputing performance and point-and-click ease of the platform," said Leo Reiter, Nimbix’s chief technology officer.


This article was originally posted “Nimbix Aims High With Integrated Hybrid Cloud Solution” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.