Centrix Software and SCC have announced a partnership to jointly sell and market Centrix Software's WorkSpace iQ usage analytics solution as part of SCC's IT infrastructure services.

With over 50% of the IT budget being spent on applications (apps), enduser computing, and the IT service desk today[1] — and users increasingly working on their own mobile and tablet devices and subscribing to cloud-based apps without involving IT, WorkSpace iQ addresses the increasing need for IT to understand and apply business intelligence and analytics to end-user usage data. Having access to the data through a simple, web-based user interface will help SCC to make faster and highly accurate IT strategy and project-related decisions. Covering anything from the desktop environment to apps and IT infrastructure, for planning, rationalisation and on-going management objectives.

SCC has found that WorkSpace iQ delivers where other workplace management solutions could not:

  • The WorkSpace iQ SAAS model is fast, easy and inexpensive to set up.Other solutions are on-premise, costing more to install and requiring additional hardware to be acquired and provisioned
  • Each users' device is individually monitored for all software usage — installed, web, and virtualised. Other solutions just use the Windows Installed Software list which can miss software installations and doesn't gather the detailed usage pattern information needed to understand today's more complex user environments
  • WorkSpace iQ's reports are delivered through summary dashboards and drilled-down detail, providing client-specific information for SCC and their customers. Other solutions provide only the raw data which is much more difficult and time-consuming to analyse and report on

Piers Covil, SCC's general manager, solution architecture, said, "In such a fast paced, challenging industry, we're always looking for the best solutions to meet our customer's IT needs. Centrix Software's Workspace iQ is a key part of our service for customers who are in the readiness phase of any desktop project. The rich data provided through this usage analytics engine gives us detailed information about how ready a customer is for transforming their desktop, embracing virtualisation or suitability for cloud technologies such as Office 365.

He continued, "WorkSpace iQ provides all the information we need to help our customers manage their end-user environments on an on-going basis. For example, information about how many apps are actually used, by whom and how often. This can greatly reduce a customer's licensing requirements as it's often the case a customer has many more licences than are actually required."

"Centrix Software's unique approach to endpoint data analytics, across multiple device types, will help us to help our customers save time, costs and risks," concluded Covil.

Lisa Hammond, Centrix Software CEO, commented, "We're delighted that our usage analytics software, WorkSpace iQ, has been chosen to enhance SCC's already extensive IT infrastructure services portfolio. SCC is an established solutions provider, with a reputation for being completely focused on the needs of its customers to provide them with the right IT infrastructure services. The combination of SCC's services and our unique workspace management technology presents a formidable partnership and we look forward to working with SCC on an on-going basis."

Since using Centrix Software's WorkSpace iQ solution SCC has won several key customers, including North Lanarkshire Council, NHS Borders Hospital and Marstons PLC.


[1] Gartner, How to Manage the IT Budget Wisely Through Cost and Value Optimization, Barbara Gomolski, John P. Roberts, 1 May 2014


This article was originally posted “SCC Partners With Centrix Software To Drive IT Efficiencies” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.