Power Analytics Corporation unveiled a new cloud-based engineering software solution, DesignBase Xi, and a new Participant Development Program at the 20/20 Vision-Driven Power Conference. These programs offer partners a new distribution channel for grid elements and access to worldwide market analytics.

“Power Analytics will offer multiple levels of program participation based on the grid elements involved and business model of each partner,” said Kevin Meagher, chief operating officer at Power Analytics and Causam Energy. “The advantages of providing market analytics to small specialty Distributed Energy companies through global leaders providing thousands of grid elements are immediately beneficial.”

The program draws on the technology and intellectual properties of both Power Analytics and its parent company, Causam Energy, and can be scaled based on the business model adopted by the participant.

“This opportunity is significant because it provides members with a fresh distribution channel to reach additional customers and increase revenue, and I’m looking forward to seeing our partners dramatically scale their success through our program,” said Joe Forbes, Jr., chief executive officer of Causam Energy and Power Analytics.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Forum for professional services as Trusted Source partners
  • Gateway to NERC/CIP compliant energy settlement services
  • Open enrollment until the second quarter of 2015


This article was originally posted “Power Analytics Launches Participant Development Program” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.