Seven10 Storage Software has announced that the company exceeded its goals for aggressive year over year growth by expanding its core business by 60%. Crediting the growth to a heightened customer demand for its paradigm changing data migration and cloud management software, the company was able to roll-out significant enhancements to its award-winning ILM software while adding over 100 new global customers. The continued growth expands Seven10’s reach into key verticals such as health care, finance, government, and education.

Seven10’s success reflects the real-world challenges caused by the confluence of enormous data growth and constant innovation at the storage layer. According to ESG, “By leveraging Seven10’s software, users can now include the cloud as a viable storage tier – part of their arsenal of tools to help control storage sprawl, costs and management overhead associated with unstructured data.”

“The combined offering from EMC and Seven10 provides Allegiance Health with an easy and safe migration solution for moving and protecting our critical patient data,” states David Morehead, VM, Storage and Backup Engineer, for Michigan-based Allegiance Health. “Seven10’s Storfirst migration and management software is very robust, allowing us to quickly and easily adopt the EMC Atmos cloud storage platform.”

Seven10’s industry thought leaders recognized that the burden to support the latest developments in storage technology – from flash, to object, to cloud – could no longer be forced onto the application provider or the customer.Storfirst software removes the pain of integration and self-managing data across disparate tiers of storage while protecting the enterprise from investing in expensive and complex “rip and replace” storage updates. Enterprises are looking for ways to simplify data storage management with a converged approach that reduces complexities, risk and overhead.

Seven10’s market momentum continues into Q4, as it releases next-generation Storfirst software and expands the Seven10 team. Key momentum initiatives include:

  • Storfirst Gateway - Addition of a native NFS interface for its growing UNIX customer base and enhanced cloud support with the addition of Cleversafe and Amplidata cloud platforms.
  • Storfirst Migration - New customized data movement software that helps clients’ transition from proprietary legacy platforms to new storage technologies.
  • Increased Channel Sales Support - The addition of a dedicated Channel Sales team, focused on accelerating channel programs and growth with new best in class deal registration, lead generation, and co-marketing activities.
  • New Hires - Employee expansion across the board: 50% increase in sales and development, 35% increase in project management and 65% increase in marketing support.

“As enterprises evolve from traditional storage systems to cloud or hybrid-based storage infrastructures, they’re looking for a trusted, secure and easy way to migrate their core business data,” said Bobby Moulton, President and CEO of Seven10. “The status-quo was no longer an option as traditional data storage migrations were expensive, time-consuming and the outcome often uncertain. We listened to our customers’ problems and delivered a solution that was repeatable, safe, and efficient without creating budget shock. Our performance this past year underscores just how important our technology has become in helping our health care, finance, and other compliance-driven customers manage the constant evolution within the data center.”


This article was originally posted “Seven10 Storage Software Reports 60% Customer Growth” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.