Infinitely Virtual has announced a donation of cloud-based infrastructure services to the International Christian School of Budapest, an American school in Diosd, Hungary.

Infinitely Virtual will equip an advanced computer science class at ICSB with its Diamond Virtual Datacenter Standard plan, valued at approximately $4,000.  The company will provide 24 students with 48 virtual machines for classroom curriculum as part of an ongoing program.  The configuration consists of 100GB RAM, 1TB storage, 50 Ghz CPU, and 48 Windows Server Standard.

“We view this as a small but important step in helping students gain the skills they need to compete effectively in this century,” said Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual.  “We anticipate that this class in advanced computer science will be among the better showcases for virtualization in Hungary’s secondary schools.  It will also serve as a model site for those interested in building out IT classrooms cost effectively.”

According to GoalEurope, a software development advisory service in Eastern Europe and Russia, the IT sector in and around Budapest is now bouncing back from the 2008 recession.  Among the IT services companies setting up shop in Hungary: IBM’s System Solutions Centre, with more than 1,000 professionals; HP, with 500 people; Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens, with a combined 2,000+ job opportunities; and Oracle, with 150 professionals and growing.

In March, Infinitely Virtual introduced its initial hosting plan aimed at the education sector, following up that introduction a month later with a series of high-end hosting options targeted at academic institutions, from pre-K through the graduate and post-graduate levels.  The company’s “Virtual Terminal Server – Premium (EDU)” Plan is the second of what will eventually be four academic market offerings from Infinitely Virtual. Under the plan, users can access applications and data from anywhere in the world — an ideal solution for those who need to tap into centralized resources from home, campus or another remote location.

As with all of its hosting plans, Infinitely Virtual will protect the ICSB installation with onsite and offsite backup using Application-Consistent Snapshot technology.  The school will receive total data protection with daily onsite backups, and all data is replicated offsite throughout the day.  With Infinitely Virtual’s Application-Consistent Snapshots, entire servers or individual files can be restored in minutes in a consistent state. Infinitely Virtual also includes free Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Perimeter Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware.

The International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) provides an education in English for more than 200 students in grades K-12, preparing them for entrance into North American colleges and universities. ICSB seeks to educate the whole child by incorporating a wide range of activities for students, including programs and opportunities in the fine arts (drama, music, art), athletics, community outreach activities, and spiritual and social events. ICSB also provides various services for students, including guidance and personal counseling, a school nurse, ESL instruction for non-native English speakers, and special services for students with learning disabilities and special physical needs.

Although the majority of students are children of North American missionaries, roughly 20% come from various countries in Asia, and another 25% are from Hungary and Central Europe. ICSB is truly international, with students drawn from more than a dozen nations including South Korea, Poland, Estonia, Brazil, Bulgarian, France, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, New Zealand, Germany, Madagascar, Albania and Romania, China, Japan, and Denmark.


This article was originally posted “Infinitely Virtual Donates Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services To Hungarian School” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.