Online Tech recently opened its first data center in downtown Indianapolis. The 44,000-sq-ft facility provides Indiana companies secure and multi-compliant options for cloud, collocation, and disaster recovery infrastructure. The Indianapolis data center, Online Tech’s fifth in the Midwest, becomes the first to offer businesses secure and compliant cloud computing in Indiana.

The company is investing $10 million into the data center, which it acquired in May. Extensive improvements to the Merrill Street facility have turned it into a world-class data center that brings secure, compliant, enterprise-class hosting to Indianapolis for the first time. The new data center will also create up to 25 permanent jobs for local IT, sales and data center professionals.

While suitable for any business with IT systems, Online Tech’s data centers meet the strictest standards of security and compliance. Compliant with regulations including HIPAA, PCI and SOX, all customers benefit from security and compliance safeguards designed for financial, healthcare and retail organizations. Businesses in need of this sort of protection and access to the cloud previously had to look to other regions of the country for this type of data center.

“We saw a gap in secure cloud and data center infrastructure serving Indiana,” said Mike Klein, co-CEO of Online Tech. “Our culture of compliance drives us to invest in annual, independent audits of how we protect the most sensitive financial, health and personal information. It’s not a checkbox for us, and our clients appreciate that we provide our complete audit documentation to help address their own requirements.”

Online Tech’s first client in the state would agree. Baseline Data Services, specializing in offsite disaster recovery and based in Plainfield, Indiana, first contacted the company shortly after news that a compliant data center would be opening locally. “As we were evaluating sites to expand our colocation options, we quickly learned that Online Tech is the only operator in the state that takes security and compliance as seriously as we do,” said Lance Thompson, founder and president of Baseline.

Yan Ness, Online Tech’s co-CEO, suggests that sleep is the greatest gift Online Tech can give to its customers. “At the end of the day, our clients must feel confident that their IT systems are safe with us. It is our goal to give them peace of mind, and ultimately better sleep, by easing their concerns about having their systems stranded or compromised. We focus on security, compliance and resilience so our customers can put more focus on their own clients.”

There will be an Open House at the new data center on Thursday, October 23, from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Individuals from businesses interested in learning more about the new data center and Online Tech, taking a tour and learning from experts about security, compliance and more are invited to attend. For additional information about the Open House, and to register to attend, go to


This article was originally posted “Online Tech’s Indianapolis Data Center Opens for Business After $10 Million Investment” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.