Cisco has announced more than 30 new Cisco Intercloud partners, including OneNeck® IT Solutions, are joining their initiative to expand the scope of the Intercloud. OneNeck is a leading cloud services provider offering tailored, end-to-end enterprise-class IT solutions for mid-market and enterprise companies. This worldwide network of interconnected clouds — which Cisco and its partners are rapidly developing — will enable a new generation of standardized cloud applications and the proliferation of secure hybrid clouds.

“Joining Cisco as a new Intercloud partner unlocks some very exciting business opportunities for OneNeck and our customers,” says Clint Harder, CTO and general manager of Managed Hosting and Cloud Services at OneNeck. “Through this new and elite partnership opportunity, we fully expect to build on the network foundation we’ve established with customers to ensure the best cloud performance.”

For OneNeck and their customers a partnership with Cisco as a new Intercloud partner means:

  • Globally enabling faster and more efficient movement of workloads;
  • Better connection to cloud resources under a single interface; and
  • Faster deployment of cloud resources to appropriate solution environments.

“We look forward to working closing with Cisco and to leveraging these newfound initiatives to benefit our customers,” added Harder.

According to Cisco, today’s news expands the reach of the Intercloud to include 50 additional data centers in 50 countries. This expansion helps build on Cisco’s plans to architect the world's largest Intercloud together with key partners. This effort addresses customer requirements for a globally distributed, highly secure cloud platform capable of meeting the robust demands of the Internet of Everything. It’s designed for high-value application workloads, with real-time analytics and “near infinite” scalability. This open approach to the Intercloud allows local hosting and provider options that enable data autonomy.

Since we announced our cloud strategy six months ago, we’ve received tremendous industrywide support for our OpenStack-based Intercloud initiative, which is gaining momentum in the open source community and providing partners a powerful cloud platform with global reach, and Internet scale and efficiencies,” said Rob Lloyd, Cisco’s president of development and sales. “Just as Cisco played a leading role years ago in connecting isolated islands of LANs to architect the modern Internet, Cisco’s Intercloud Fabric and ACI innovations uniquely position us to connect today’s world of disparate clouds in a seamless and secure manner, unlocking the full potential of cloud, and with it a new era in IT.”

Cisco, the leader in private cloud infrastructure technology, also announced that they will begin offering a hybrid cloud service. In addition, Cisco Intercloud Fabric, a highly secure, open, and flexible hypervisor-agnostic cloud interconnect technology, is now shipping to initial customers.

As part of its strategy, Cisco is recruiting and enabling partners across the Intercloud ecosystem. They are engaging with cloud providers, builders and aggregators as well as technology partners, independent software vendors and cloud resellers. OneNeck IT Solutions is among the Intercloud Provider group and will deliver next generation Intercloud-enabled cloud services as well as embrace Cisco ACI and Intercloud Fabric.

Today, Cisco also announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Cisco Capital has earmarked $1 billion to provide financial solutions that help Cisco customers and partners accelerate the adoption of Cisco technologies needed to transition to Cisco Powered clouds. Cisco Capital offers will focus on financing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure; facilitating technology migrations; and providing flexible payment structures.


This article was originally posted “Cisco Adds More Than 30 New Intercloud Partners” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.