STARLINE Track Busway offers plug-in units with a wide variety of receptacles, circuit breakers, and drop cords. Multiple circuit breaker plug-ins are offered and can be used in high-density applications. The simple “turn-n-lock” connection at the heart of the system has transformed the design and lowered the costs of maintaining and upgrading today’s data centers. Plug-in units located anywhere along the busway can include almost any NEMA configuration. Plus, STARLINE Critical Power Monitor (CPM) offers an enhanced monitoring package for monitoring, integrating and displaying more data center power information easily and reliably.

STARLINE Plug-In Raceway is also preferred at data centers and mission critical facilities that need the ability to add power without costly downtime. When changing displays or adding modules, you can easily reconfigure circuits, receptacles and wiring by snapping the pre-assembled modules into place on the backplane. The connection to power is made automatically without having to interrupt power.

Being such large power consumers, data centers require power support systems with flexible modularity, higher efficiency, more cost effective reliability and a smaller footprint…all while enjoying the security of global safety listings. STARLINE DC Solutions has developed the unique power support system technology that makes 380V Direct Current power for data centers a reality now. It also allows data centers to adapt to current and future power generation systems (solar, wind, fuel cells, etc.) in the form of reliable 380V DC.