CloudSigma and CloudLeap have announced a partnership that will allow companies to conduct seamless, live migrations from their on-premise infrastructure or another cloud platform to CloudSigma’s public cloud. CloudLeap customers also now have the option to failover to CloudSigma’s platform in the event of an outage for improved disaster recovery (DR) and high availability.

“This partnership comes at a strategic time in the IaaS industry’s development,” said Robert Jenkins, CloudSigma CEO. “With Rackspace moving away from its IaaS role to focus more on managed services, there are many companies contacting us looking for an easy way to migrate their VMs to a provider like CloudSigma instead of opting for Rackspace’s much more expensive managed hosting offering. Our new integration with CloudLeap allows them to achieve that quickly, easily and with little or no disruption to running services.”

Using its SaaS technology, CloudLeap takes a snapshot of a customer’s servers and then is able to load them directly into CloudSigma’s cloud. Although dependent on the amount of data and bandwidth, the average migration can be completed in a matter of hours, instead of the days, weeks or even months that it would take a company to achieve the same migration on their own. This helps CloudSigma customers achieve a faster ROI from their cloud deployment while also eliminating downtime since it’s a live migration that continuously sends real-time snapshots until both environments are synched and the legacy environment can be switched off. This real-time snapshotting also applies to CloudLeap’s unique DR strategy that offers an active failover option where both environments are kept running, so any platform switch only takes a matter of seconds.

“Many companies spend a lot of time making the decision to move to the cloud and selecting the right cloud provider; but, then, when it comes time to complete the move, they’re not sure where to start,” continued Jenkins. “Our partnership with CloudLeap removes that complexity, helping companies accelerate their migrations to CloudSigma’s platform in a few easy steps. And, with the ability to failover between CloudSigma cloud locations or another CloudLeap provider, they can rest assured that their server instances will remain available.”

Beyond its seamless, live migration capabilities, CloudSigma also chose to partner with CloudLeap because it has a more secure means of transferring data during migrations. Unlike other migration solution providers, CloudLeap does not act as a proxy for customers’ data. The server snapshots are never stored within CloudLeap’s infrastructure, removing data privacy or access concerns. Customers’ data always remains in their control.

“We are excited that CloudSigma has chosen us to provide easy migration and high availability to its customer base,” said Shiva Shankar J, co-founder, CloudLeap. “We’re already seeing a lot of requests for migrations to CloudSigma’s public cloud, especially from emerging markets like the Middle East, which is a focus for us. CloudSigma is a very attractive option especially after the NSA scandal, since companies across Europe and beyond want to avoid U.S.-based data centers, so CloudSigma’s Swiss-based cloud offers an appealing computing base.”

CloudSigma is currently available globally from five data centers based out of Zurich, Switzerland; Silicon Valley, U.S.; Washington D.C., U.S.; Miami, U.S.; and Hawaii, U.S.; with more locations soon to be announced.


This article was originally posted “CloudSigma And CloudLeap Partner” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.