Cloud Technology Partners™ has announced the addition of major new features and functionality to PaaSLane™, a solution to assess and optimize Java and .NET applications for modernization and cloud readiness.  PaaSLane 2.5 enables Java and .NET developers and quality assurance (QA) professionals to assess and optimize applications more quickly, easily and efficiently; and enables businesses to reduce capital and operational expenses by simplifying applications and facilitating cloud adoption. In addition, PaaSLane 2.5 provides customers with even greater flexibility, as it is now offered as two targeted solutions: PaaSLane Assess™, and PaaSLane Optimize™. 

"The public cloud provides a highly desirable alternative for hosting applications.  The challenge lies in ensuring that applications are cloud ready," said Stephen Hendrick, principal analyst for Application Development and Deployment Research at ESG.  "Products such as PaaSLane that understand the unique features of public and private cloud environments and automate the evaluation of both Java and .Net applications for cloud readiness on these environments allow enterprises to clearly understand the impact of cloud migration.  This is an indispensable activity for any enterprise developing a comprehensive cloud strategy."

For today's enterprise business organization, it is no longer a question of 'if' they should modernize and move business critical applications to the cloud, but 'when.' Tackling these challenges without knowledge, expertise, and automation can waste months of time and millions of dollars.  PaaSLane helps enterprise developers gain the knowledge needed to build cloud-ready applications, incorporating deep Cloud Technology Partners' expertise around best practices and modern application architectures directly to developers.  Through automation, PaaSLane reduces risk, improves consistency, and accelerates modernization and cloud optimization projects.

"Developing modern cloud applications without PaaSLane is complex and error-prone," said Ben Grubin, director of product management, PaaSLane.  "With PaaSLane, application developers and engineering leaders get deep visibility into the architectural improvements that are necessary before ever starting a project, as well as guidance on exactly how and why to make specific code changes.  Having PaaSLane in your software development process means avoiding the pain of outdated, expensive to maintain, and inflexible applications in the future."

PaaSLane 2.5 Enhancements:

  • Local Profiling - keep source code secure with on-premise code analysis, eliminating the need to upload code to the cloud.
  • Google Cloud Platform Support - optimize and migrate apps to the Google cloud, including App Engine and Compute Engine support
  • Continuous Integration Support - integrate with leading CI and build tools such as Jenkins, Microsoft TFS, and Bamboo to ensure continuous improvement and cloud governance of applications
  • Enhanced .NET Profiling - 50+ new rules for modernizing C# .NET apps
  • New Rule Management -easily managed custom rule sets and report templates
  • Over 100 New Rules - for modernization and cloud readiness across multiple categories
  • Enhanced Rules - now every rule includes detailed descriptions, remediations, and code samples
  • Target Cloud Platforms - choose from supported cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft Azure, Apprenda, CloudFoundry, and others to receive enhanced remediations specifically for that platform


This article was originally posted “Cloud Technology Partners Launches PaaSLane v2.5” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.