cPacket Networks has released cClear technology for performance monitoring and optimization across physical and virtual realms of modern networks. This becomes increasingly important with the trend toward application delivery in the cloud, which poses new operational challenges of more distributed, virtual, and complex infrastructure. cClear is the first unified solution for real-time monitoring in mixed environments of physical and virtual resources.

“While virtual networks enable flexible resource allocation, efficient use of these resources depends on the underlying physical implementation,” said Dr. Rony Kay, founder and CEO of cPacket. “Optimizing data centers requires correlated performance metrics across the virtual overlays and physical network connectivity. Also troubleshooting of intermittent applications requires insight into specific traffic in the virtual tunnels. Therefore, unified real-time visibility across both the virtual and physical boundaries becomes a must.”

Existing network performance monitoring tools only provide limited information of average link utilization, which masks reliability issues like bottlenecks, spikes, microbursts, jitter, and inconsistent user experience. cClear is the first technology to provide a correlated performance mapping of physical links, virtual tunnels, and applications behavior in real-time.

cPacket’s unique hardware-software architecture delivers advanced analytics and real-time visibility beyond what was previously possible. At the heart of this novel architecture are cPacket’s Smart Ports, which are high-speed and cost-effective distributed sensors based on the company’s algorithmic chip. cClear technology correlates information from multiple Smart Ports to identify intricate dependencies between the virtual overlays and the underlying physical network connectivity. Having a granular view of the performance of both the physical and virtual environments allows Network Managers to monitor traffic behaviors, identify critical bottlenecks, and make fact-driven decisions.

cClear is available to existing customers of cPacket’s cVu-NG devices and SPIFEE centralized dashboard at no additional charge.

“The promise of virtualized networking is flexible and agile resource allocation,” said Dr. Kay. “But consistent application delivery depends on solid understanding of actual traffic behavior. cPacket’s new technology provides a correlated performance mapping across cloudy virtual and physical infrastructure to enable higher operational efficiency and improved enduser experience.”


This article was originally posted “cPacket Networks Launches Virtual Network Performance Monitoring Solution” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.