WFT Cloud EducationⓇ has announced the launch of several cloud workshops and seminars in major institutions across India to promote cloud awareness and to stress on the need for cloud education. Several engineering and science colleges in India pursue a rigid and rather age-old curriculum, which often keeps graduates less informed about the current technology trends. With an initiative to better educate college students about current market expectations, WFT Cloud EducationⓇ hosted several cloud workshops within colleges here in India.  

 “Market readiness is the need of the hour. Colleges in India currently promote a curriculum, which gives students, a strong foundational knowledge. However, when it comes to market readiness and employability, many colleges stutter and find it difficult to create graduates who can transform into productive employees or storming entrepreneurs,” said Ganesh Radhakrishnan, CEO of Wharfedale Technologies Inc. To bridge this gap, WFT Cloud Education?has taken the initiative to spread technology awareness among the young minds of this nation, which carries the second largest labor force in this world.

An interview held with the management team within WFT Education revealed several important insights, which were focused towards the need for a vendor agnostic, time-proof and tailor made curriculum for students currently studying in colleges. The team also expressed its concern about the unemployed engineering graduates which has raised to more than 100,000 in the academic year 2013 – 2014. The reason for such a huge deficit in the number of employers is not the employers themselves; instead it is because of the lack of skills, which graduates fail to possess when they seek employment.

Cloud Computing has proven to be a strong field within the IT industry that has risen over the past several years. According to ‘Computing Cloud Storage’, there are currently 11.3 Millions cloud based jobs and this figure is expected to rise to 13.8 Million by 2015. To quench this need for cloud professionals, WFT Cloud Education has taken several steps to ensure that college students realize the job opportunities created by this field and thereby utilize their time and knowledge towards reaching greater heights through WFT’s Cloud Education Programs.


This article was originally posted “Data Center Platform from Cloudistics®” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.