Continuity Software™ has announced full support and comprehensive integration with the ServiceNow portfolio of cloud-based products. IT organizations that use ServiceNow will now be able to take advantage of Continuity Software's AvailabilityGuard™ software in order to eliminate infrastructure outages. With automated daily verification of the entire IT infrastructure configuration, ServiceNow customers can now proactively discover and address issues before they cause downtime and data loss, thereby ensuring uninterrupted service availability and business continuity.

The AvailabilityGuard Risk Discovery Engine™ automatically scans the entire IT infrastructure in a non-intrusive, read-only mode, collecting up-to-date configuration information from servers and clusters, storage devices, database servers, virtual infrastructure, and the networks that connect them across physical, virtual and into the cloud. AvailabilityGuard then analyzes the information gathered against its continuously updated knowledgebase of over 5,000 risk signatures and vendor best practices, pinpointing any misconfigurations that could lead to downtime and data loss. To ensure ServiceNow issues are tracked to resolution, AvailabilityGuard now automatically creates a ServiceNow incident. Ticket information includes a detailed description of the problem, its potential business impact, and suggestions for remediation. 

"You would be hard-pressed to find an IT organization that didn't recognize that their time could be better spent on strategic activities directly impacting the bottom line, as opposed to chasing incidents and firefighting," said Doron Pinhas, CTO, Continuity Software. "The integration of AvailabilityGuard with tools such as ServiceNow allows IT organizations to embed a proactive approach to outage prevention into their current tool set, enabling IT teams to streamline operations, improve productivity and refocus their valuable time and resources."


This article was originally posted “ServiceNow Solutions Supported By Continuity Software's AvailabilityGuard” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.