Advantech Industrial Automation Group has launched its high-performance and cost-effective Industrial Storage (IStorage) solutions with a full range of selections. These include ASR-5200E External Disk Array, ASR-3272 and ASR-3472 Storage Appliances, and ASR-1400 Disk Expansion Enclosure, which fulfill the needs of mission-critical and industrial cloud applications, such as video-on-demand services, intelligent surveillance, data-mining analysis, factory automation, and traffic management.


High Availability Disk Array Solution for Mission-Critical Services

Traditional embedded systems have been moving toward intelligent system integration. Obviously, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) ushers in a new era of big data applications. As businesses move their data to the cloud, they face tough challenges around data protection and scaling. To address these challenges, Advantech IStorage solutions have built-in innovations such as FlashCopy®, an essential technology included in ASR-5200E External Disk Array, which can be used to help in recovery from situations where data has been lost due to virus or user error.  Also, the ASR-5200E comes with Remote Mirror, which makes asynchronous and synchronous copies to another ASR-5200E at a remote site for data backup and disaster recovery.


High Performance Industrial Storage Appliance with Reliable Data Protection

Advantech Industrial Storage Appliance ASR-3272 and ASR-3472 with H/W RAID, not only have high performance data access and protection, but also Remote Management built-in; this provides for remote monitoring, KVM, power on/off, protection, and recovery, as well as online expansion capability via JBOD to ensure the highest data availability. The IStorage series is compatible with advanced software, including Acronis for backup and recovery, McAfee to provide system protections, VMWare virtualization, and Windows Embedded Server operating system, to provide complete IStorage solutions.


This article was originally posted “Data Center Platform from Cloudistics®” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.