IBM has announced that Enkiwi, a web portal development and implementation solution provider in Korea, has adopted IBM cloud to transform its business model by delivering value-added cloud solutions to its customers over SoftLayer's high-speed private network. Leveraging SoftLayer's agile cloud infrastructure gives Enkiwi the control it needs to quickly deploy new solutions for its clients across Korea in minutes rather than days.

Founded in 2010, Enkiwi specializes in web portal development and implementation solutions for businesses and organizations. With clients looking for on demand services, Enkiwi decided to move to the cloud platform from a traditional IT environment to ensure greater speed, agility and performance in a cost effective manner. Enkiwi selected cloud solutions from SoftLayer, an IBM company, for its ability to provide enterprise-grade cloud with high security and flexibility.

Enkiwi is planning to offer its EnView Enterprise, a web portal software solution, over cloud, using the software as a service (SaaS) model. The company will start its cloud journey by establishing a cloud-based Social Networking Service (SNS) offering in the third quarter this year. It will be followed by implementing the 'enView cloud portal' which provides its current web portal solution via cloud for organization and enterprise clients. Enkiwi wants to further expand its cloud business portfolio by providing cloud based collaboration functions like instant messaging and video conferencing in the third quarter of 2015.

"The industry we operate in has undergone dramatic changes and it is important for us to stay ahead of the curve. IBM has the required experience and proven industry knowledge to understand our needs and support our business objectives," said Jeonggeun Lee, CEO of Enkiwi. "With SoftLayer's open source environment, we are confident to transform our business model and offer better quality services to our clients."

In addition to SoftLayer's powerful, agile and secure infrastructure that can be optimized to the client requirements, Enkiwi will also benefit from its lower networking costs, with free data traffic service between the internal systems and data centers. Moreover, as SoftLayer guarantees excellent stability, small businesses like Enkiwi can cost-efficiently enjoy high performance and stability of cloud computing.

"Cloud is not just another way to reduce the IT infrastructure cost, but a growth engine that helps transform revenue models and expand businesses. IBM's engagement with Enkiwi is yet another testimony to that," said SeungMin Kim, SoftLayer business executive of IBM Korea's Global Technology Service. "IBM is working with companies of all sizes in Korea to help them drive business growth with efficient use of cloud computing."

One year ago, IBM made a strategic acquisition of SoftLayer for $2 billion. Since July 2013, SoftLayer has flourished as the foundation of IBM's cloud computing business by winning clients, attracting new partners, expanding IBM's cloud footprint and driving new innovations. Since the acquisition, SoftLayer has attracted thousands of new customers as part of IBM, doubling its previous rate of new business generation.


This article was originally posted “Korea's Enkiwi Adopts IBM Cloud” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.