IBM has announced that the latest global analysis from Synergy Research Group positions IBM among the top three providers in the cloud market for the first quarter of 2014.

In addition, Synergy Research Group also recognized IBM as the leader in hybrid and private cloud engagements with nearly 14% of worldwide revenue market shares from the third quarter of 2013 through the first quarter of 2014.

In addition to being ranked with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, Synergy also stated that IBM ranks second behind Microsoft in terms of year-to-year growth at 80%, compared to the same time last year.

With Synergy Research's findings around growth specific to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, hybrid and private cloud, IBM Cloud growth is driven by extensive gains with significant enterprise recent client engagements in a variety of industries:

In Tunisia, IBM will announce that Zitouna Bank has selected a cloud solution consisting of IBM systems, software and services to transform its core banking platform and develop new services for customers.

IBM will announce that Acroverse Creative of Korea has adopted cloud solutions from SoftLayer to strengthen its overseas services. 

Coriell Life Sciences, helping bring personalized medicine to the elderly based on analyzing and storing genetic data in a secure cloud environment

The Hartford, that is implementing a new service model that includes a cloud infrastructure to drive profitable growth and increase operational effectiveness

Novitex Enterprise Solutions, by providing SoftLayer's cloud-based infrastructure and security services to support Novitex's document outsourcing solutions

Pitney Bowes Inc., to develop hybrid cloud location services to deliver more personalized services and contextually relevant experiences

"Synergy Research's data validates IBM's ongoing work to deliver cloud services for the enterprise as businesses work to address the need to better manage data for increased insight and efficiency within their industries," said James Comfort, IBM general manager of Cloud Services . "As one of the top three overall cloud providers and the clear-cut leader in providing hybrid and private cloud services, this report validates our long-term cloud strategy."


This article was originally posted “IBM Ranked Among Top Three Cloud Providers By Synergy Research” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.