CMMI® Institute has unveiled the Data Management Maturity (DMM)™ model to enable organizations to improve data management practices across the full spectrum of their business. The DMM model, as the only reference model of its kind, provides organizations with a standard set of best practices to build a unique roadmap aligning data management strategy with individual business goals. The Data Management Maturity Portfolio, which will include the DMM model and a full complement of supporting services, will be available summer 2014.

The accelerating influx of information in today’s business landscape further challenges what is already a complex endeavor — building, optimizing, and controlling an organization’s data assets to ensure timeliness, quality, shareability and fitness for business purposes. Achieving these goals is critical to agile business operations and fruitful data analytics, resulting in precisely targeted business decisions.

“The companies that are able to leverage their corporate data assets to the fullest are the companies that will dominate in the current era of global business where information and access reign supreme,” said Kirk Botula, CEO of CMMI Institute. “The DMM model is a powerful accelerator for aligning the interests of lines of business with IT to ensure that their critical data assets are strengthened, well-managed, and better utilized to achieve business goals. To date, over 150 individuals in early adopter organizations have employed the DMM model to evaluate their capabilities, practice by practice, work product by work product.”

The DMM model helps organizations build a common terminology and shared understanding of how their data assets need to be managed. Its successive capability levels provide a clear path for improvement in 25 process areas reflecting all the fundamental disciplines of data management. Throughout the development of the DMM model, over 70 organizations have evaluated their capabilities using the model. These early adopter organizations including Microsoft, Fannie Mae, the Federal Reserve System Statistics Function, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Freddie Mac reported significant benefits from the use of the DMM model, including the ability to galvanize organizational change by identifying and implementing collaborative actionable initiatives.


Data Alignment to Business Processes

The DMM model was developed based on the foundational principles of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) — a proven approach to performance improvement and the gold standard of excellence in software and systems development for more than 20 years. Developed by CMMI Institute, with sponsors including Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft Corporation and Kingland Systems, the DMM model was created with the contributions of data management experts across multiple industries over the span of three and a half years.

The DMM model is currently undergoing a peer review by over 140 data management and CMMI experts. The model and a full ecosystem of supporting services will be available to all organizations and professionals during summer 2014. Components will include:

Training and Certification: A full suite of successive training classes, providing a certification path and licensing, will be available for data management professionals. This program provides data management experts the ability to facilitate assessments against the DMM model and assist in implementing data management best practices. Qualifications for certifications are equally achievable by those who have line of business backgrounds as well as those working in the IT/data management space.

Assessment Method: A proven, facilitated evaluation method led by a DMM-certified professional, which involves gathering a broad range of key stakeholders to evaluate capabilities together. When used in conjunction with the DMM model, this method allows an organization to quickly evaluate its current state of data management maturity relative to key goals and achieve actionable improvements, both strategic and tactical, to its data management program.

Partner Program: CMMI Institute is powered by a community of more than 400 partner organizations that are guiding businesses in the successful use of the CMMI models. The DMM model will be included as part of the CMMI Partner Program to help partners evaluate and implement data management practices for organizations around the world.

For those wishing to learn more about the benefits of the DMM model, CMMI Institute will present a case study with Fannie Mae highlighting the benefits realized by implementing DMM at the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference on June 23 -27, 2014 in San Diego, CA.


This article was originally posted “Data Center Platform from Cloudistics®” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.